Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures II

Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

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About MCLL

The Department offers curricula, services and research leading to proficiency in language, literature and culture that will enable individuals to function effectively in the international communities in our geographical area and throughout the world. The Department’s programs serve and promote all academic divisions of the University in providing students the language and cultural training necessary to support international and intercultural endeavors.


In today’s global society, knowledge of other languages and cultures will enable you to expand career opportunities. In March 2014, the Latino population surpassed the number of non-Hispanic whites living in the Golden State. By 2050, more than half of California’s population will be of Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander descent, and a large percentage will speak a language other than English. Jobs in social services, business, communications and the government all need people with intercultural competence given this state’s rich ethnic and racial diversity.


There are many jobs in the United States and abroad that require proficiency in a second language. These include working in the Foreign Service; serving as a translator and/or interpreter for the government or the private sector; working at international institutions such as the World Bank, United Nations or UNICEF; teaching foreign languages, literature and cultures in schools or universities; and working for transnational business corporations and even for the Olympic games.


A major or a minor in a second language is beneficial for students who are interested in pursuing careers in various fields, including social services, business, finance, communications, science, technology, education, government and travel.


Translation Software

Memsource logoThis department has been granted free access to the Memsource Academic Edition, an academic program designed for universities with translation courses.