Classical Greek and Roman Civilization Program

  • Roman fresco with servants and patrician women
  • Greek frieze with young men playing ball

Classical Greek and Roman Civilization Program

The Program

Roman mosaic with cheeta, gazelles, guinea fowlThe Classical Greek and Roman Civilization Interdisciplinary Minor Program is a multidisciplinary and multicultural program which seeks to provide each student with a firm grounding in the basic principles and themes that underlie a complex, composite civilization which embodied features drawn from a considerable number of other ancient civilizations (Egyptian, Semitic, Thracian, etc.) and which transmitted its ideas and perspectives to many European and Mediterranean cultures over a period of more than 1500 years, and, through them, to the Modern World.

The Program is designed to ensure that the student will engage in broad study in a variety of fields, drawn from courses in three Colleges in the University (Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts):

Classics (Greek and Roman literature, including genre studies in epic and drama)
• Ancient History (including study in both the Greek and the Roman world)
• Ancient Art and Architecture (including study in Greek and Roman art)
• Philosophy

The Program is designed to provide depth in the student’s course of study by requiring a trio of general, lower-division courses (9 units), as well as a selection of more specialized upper-division courses (18 units), for a total of 27 units in the Minor.

Classics Minor