Barbara Ann Ward Language Center


student at smart blackboard in the Barbara Ann Ward Language Center

Lab Reservations

  • Faculty who require a computer lab setting for class instruction are welcome to reserve time in either the Instructional or the Drop-In labs.  The amenities offered in each lab are described on the About page.
  • Faculty and staff may book single-use events like meetings and trainings in either lab.
  • Students who wish to reserve a room for group projects, quiet study, or tutoring sessions may request our Satellite Room.
  • The amenities offered in each room are listed on our About page.
  • Lab reservations are fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis, and many of our reservations are made at the beginning of the semester.
  • To make a reservation, please visit us in JR 316 or give us a call at 818-677-3470 (ext. 3470 on campus). To make a reservation online, e-mail us at and be sure to include the following information: your name, the class, the time and day you would like to reserve, the duration of the event, and if you would like an introduction to the lab equipment.

Language Resources Checkout

The BAWLC is home to a large collection of study materials for languages taught in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures.  We offer written materials, computer software, CD audio, and movies in DVD format.  Please visit the lab for a full catalog listing.  Instructors may reserve any of these materials for their classes.  Students may check out materials for use in the lab.

Equipment Checkout for Staff and Faculty

In addition to checking out learning materials, the BAWLC also reserves and checks out equipment for classroom or lecture hall use.  Faculty and staff may contact the lab for available equipment, reservations, and guidelines.