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Earning a degree in linguistics engages a student in the close study of what it means to be human since language is one of our most human attributes. Courses in linguistics serve to provide a rich knowledge of what it means to analyze a language and an understanding of the questions linguists ask about all aspects of human language. The study of linguistics is an entry to a variety of career options. (See also The Study of Linguistics).

Students interested in considering linguistics as a major as well as those already enrolled in one of our programs are invited to consult with the Department Chair in person or via email. You may reach the Linguistics/TESL Department Office, located in ST 805, by calling 818-677-3453. The Department Chair, Dr. Ana Sánchez-Muñoz, is located in ST 818. Her direct line is 818-677-3453, and her email is


Of special note: The Linguistics/TESL Chair maintains a closed listserv, "LINGNEWS" for posting announcements to students regarding program and school events and deadlines, as well as occasional job announcements, conferences of interest and other general information of relevance to LING/TESL majors. To have your name added to the listserv, please send an email to:

Presently, the Linguistics Major is, for the most part, an upper division Major. Four linguistics courses are available for GE. Students are encouraged to complete their GE work and to pursue study in languages other than their native language in preparation for their work in Linguistics. Entering freshmen who are interested in Linguistics should consult with the Undergraduate Advisor.

CSUN also offers an M.A. in Linguistics and an M.A. in TESL.

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