Liberal Studies Program

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Students must attend a workshop in the major in order to be able make an appointment to meet with an advisor. There are two different workshops: Teacher Preparation and the Interdisciplinary Studies Option (non-teaching option)

WORKSHOP IS NOT INTENDED FOR FIRST-TIME FRESHMEN. Please call the College of Humanities Student Services Center/EOP at 818 677-4784 to schedule an advisement appointment. 

Please choose ONE of the following workshops. Space is limited.

Workshop - Teacher Preparation Option

The Teacher Preparation Option will inform students about the B.A. Degree Option and ITEP-Junior Option of Liberal Studies. Students interested in teaching multiple subjects (Kindergarten through 6th grade) or Special Education must complete this workshop.

“Please be advised that students with 70 or more units, who have not already been following the Teacher Preparation curriculum may be advised to follow the Interdisciplinary Studies Program option.” If you're not sure which workshop to attend please call our office.

Please attend ONE of the following Teacher Preparation Workshops

*Tuesday, February 20th 2:00-3:30 P.M.                ED 2117 Education Building (2nd floor) click here to sign up for this workshop



Workshop - Interdisciplinary Studies Option

The Interdisciplinary Studies Option (non-teaching option) is designed for students interested in a broad liberal arts education. All Interdisciplinary Studies Option students must complete a specialization track during their course of education.

Please attend ONE of the following Interdisciplinary Studies Workshops:

*Wednesday, February 7th 5:00-6:30 P.M.                ED 2117 Education Building (2nd floor) click here to sign up for this workshop