Liberal Studies Program

Track B: Human Rights

About the Interdisciplinary Studies Option

The Interdisciplinary Studies Option is designed for students interested in a broad liberal arts education. Students take courses in the language arts, natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. As part of this option, students are required to complete a specialization track. General Education and Title V requirements are completed outside the major. However, Interdisciplinary Studies Option students may double-count six units between GE and the major.

The Interdisciplinary Studies Option leads to a variety of career options. Students may pursue graduate education in fields such as law, public administration, social services, the arts, and urban planning. Liberal Studies students are eligible for most jobs in which a college degree is required. Your Liberal Studies degree signifies to others that you are a capable well-rounded individual who can accomplish complex tasks and communicate well with others. The CSUN Career Center is available to explore your many career options.

Students interested in the Interdisciplinary Studies Option are encouraged to complete the Interdisciplinary Studies online workshop. Continuing students or students who have recently applied to CSUN will receive an individualized evaluation via email in 10-15 working days after completing the online workshop.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree, Interdisciplinary Studies Option:

Complete the following specialization track: Track B: Human Rights (ADVISOR APPROVAL SHEET) (.pdf)

  1. Ethics Moral and Legal Issues [3 units]
    AAS 347, ANTH 432, BLAW 391, CADV 452, GWS 360, PHIL 165, PHIL 349, PHIL 365, RS 36
  2. Human Rights and Social Movement [6 units]
    AFRS 271, AFRS 272, AFRS 361, CAS 364, CAS 369, CADV 310, CHS 420, CHS 460, GWS 300, GWS 350, POLS 197
  3. Human Rights in Los Angeles [3 units]
    AIS 401, CHS 360, HIST 380, POLS 380, URBS 380
  4. Gender and Sexuality [3 units]
    AFRS 324, AFRS 325, AAS 340, ANTH 308, GWS 370, GWS 380, GWS 430, JS 330, KIN 385, QS 302 
  5. Human Rights in the United States [3 units]
    AIS 304, CHS 473, GWS 320, HIST 479L, RS 361, SOC 390, URBS 425
  6. Human Rights in the Global Context [3 units]
    CAS 355, CAS 366, EOH 353, GWS 340
Note: It is the student's responsibility to meet all prerequisites prior to enrollment.
BOLD and ITALICIZED:These courses cannot be double counted with the Common Core courses in the major
  • Total units in major: 54 - 58 units
  • General Education and Title V: 48 units
  • Additional units: 14 - 18 units
  • Total for a B.A. degree: 120 units
  • Passage of the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam