Liberal Studies Program

Forms and Handouts

Teacher Preparation/B.A. Degree and ITEP-Junior Option, Modified Plan K


Students, with the help of an advisor, choose a specialization from among those listed below.

  • Arts Integration (.pdf) (ITEP-FR ONLY)
  • Language Arts (.pdf)
  • Literacy Scholars for the Future of Los Angeles (LSLA)(.pdf)
  • Mathematics (.pdf)
  • Sciences (.pdf)

Teacher Preparation/Pre-Credential and ITEP-Junior Option, Modified Plan H (Prior to Fall 2013 - Older Plan)

Plan H applies to students in one of the teacher preparation curriculum options who started their academic program (at a community college or a CSU campus) prior to Fall 2013.

For earlier plans (A to G), please contact the Liberal Studies Program Office.

Teacher Preparation/ITEP-Freshman Option, Plan K

Interdisciplinary Studies Option (Plan K)

Humanities Minor

Russian Minor

Sustainability Minor

Other Useful Forms