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Jackie StallcupTo All of the Dreamers of the World…

Walking around campus over the past few weeks, I have been reveling in small things that would have been utterly unremarkable a few years ago: Rounding a corner and literally running into another human being.  Having trouble finding a parking spot. Standing in line at Freudian Sip. Watching from the back steps of Sierra Hall as students oohed over our college cat, Einstein.

We’re not back to normal, exactly. I think we have to admit that we’re never going to be able to return to life as we experienced it before the pandemic. But a new sense of normal is stretching out spring tendrils toward the May sunshine. Read more

Xóchitl M. Flores-Marcial Awarded Ford Postdoctoral Fellowship

Xóchitl M. Flores-MarcialXóchitl M. Flores-Marcial (Chicana/o Studies) has been awarded the highly prestigious Ford Postdoctoral Fellowship for 2022-2023 to complete her book project Zapotec Gift: Mesoamerican Social Networks 1330-2020.


Introducing Our 2022 College of Humanities Dean’s Scholar: Jaidyn Yambao

Jaidyn YambaoJaidyn Yambao once had a high school teacher tell her that she was destined to “flip burgers” and not much more. When she arrived at CSUN, however, Jaidyn says she was filled with hope. Clearly, she was also brimming with determination. Today, Jaidyn is the 2022 College of Humanities Dean’s Scholar and Wolfson Scholar candidate. After holding a consistent place on the Dean’s List starting in the fall of 2019, being part of the GE Honor’s Program, and receiving an NSP University Scholarship, Jaidyn has earned a B.A. through the English Honors Program with a cumulative GPA of 3.93. Read more

Brandy Underwood Named 2022-23 College of Humanities Research Fellow

Brandy UnderwoodBrandy Underwood (English) has been selected as the College of Humanities Research Fellow 2022/2023 for her project titled, The Black Crowd, Leadership, Affect, and Racial Uplift in African American Literature.  The Academic Affairs Research Fellows Program is a collaboration between the University Library, the Office of the Provost, and the colleges. The program’s goal is to foster research and mentor new scholars. Along with the honor of recognition, the fellowship provides twelve units of reassigned time for continuing work on a specific project.

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