Jewish Studies Interdisciplinary Program

Spring 2020 Course Offerings

 Jewish Religion and Culture | JS 200 online 

  • M. Paskow
  • Online
  • 3 units
  • Class #14685
  • GE Arts & Humanities. Core course, MJS Major & JS Minor

This class explores Jewish religious concepts and practices, and Jewish culture in international contexts from the ancient period to the present.  

History of the Jewish People | JS/HIST 210*

  • E. Goodfriend
  • T/Th 11:00-12:15
  • JS Class #14417 or HIST Class #12989
  • Sierra Hall 184
  • GE Comparative Cultural Studies

Learn about the Jewish people from their beginnings in the ancient Near East to the establishment of the modern State of Israel. 

Applied Jewish Ethics | JS 318 online

  • M. Paskow
  • Online
  • 3 units
  • Class #14873 and #15146
  • GE Social Sciences, Liberal Studies major ethics course.

Learn Jewish ethical teachings and apply them to contemporary social problems with the help of social scientific methods and theory.

Jewish Identity in the United States | JS/SOC 335*

  • T. Hatkoff
  • MoWe 2:00-3:15
  • 3 units
  • JS Class #20466 or SOC Class #20860
  • Jerome Richfield 204
  • GE Comparative Cultural Studies 

This course is a social-scientific study of American Jewish religious and ethnic identity. It focuses on the social institutions and processes involved in Jewish identity, and compares the experience of Jews with other religious, ethnic, and cultural groups in the United States.

Nonprofit Internship in the Jewish Community | JS 390cs

  • T. Hatkoff
  • W 3:30-6:15
  • 3 units
  • Class #14418
  • Sierra Hall 312
  • GE Lifelong Learning

Intern in Jewish nonprofit agencies for education; social services for elderly, at-risk children, or people with special needs; conflict or legal issues; marketing and development. Good preparation for careers in education, social work/welfare, business, law, counseling, gerontology, or journalism. Instructor permission required. Contact or 818-677-3007.

Israel’s History and Peoples | JS/HIST 427*

  • J. Myers
  • Tu/Th 2:00-3:15
  • 3 units
  • JS Class #14875 or HIST Class #12933
  • Sierra Hall 184

A history of the modern State of Israel, from the emergence of modern Jewish nationalism to the present time. The class focuses on the conflicts between Jews, Palestinians, and regional powers, and it examines the diverse peoples that constitute Israel’s multi-cultural and multi-national society.

Holocaust and Genocide for Educators | JS/HIST 546*

  • B. Cohen and D. O'Sullivan
  • Tu 4:00-6:45
  • 3 units
  • JS Class #14419 or HIST Class #20475
  • Sierra Hall 279

An overview of the Holocaust and the concept of genocide, with a focus on the analysis and evaluation of varied resources for educators, including film, photographs, literature, art, music, documents, and other primary source materials.

Elementary Hebrew II | HEBR 102

  • M. Rosenthal
  • T/Th 2:00-3:40
  • 4 units
  • Class #14366
  • Sierra Hall 221
  • GE Comparative Cultural Studies

Second semester of a beginning level Hebrew course focusing on basic vocabulary, grammar, reading, and practice in the spoken language.

Issues in Jewish-American Writing | ENGL 371 online

  • A. Thacker
  • Online
  • 3 units
  • Class #14215
  • GE, Comparative Cultural Studies.

Explore the relationship between American Jewish identity and American culture. The class navigates American Jewish literary perceptions of the Holocaust, its aftermath, and its effect on Jews in the United States, especially in terms of the iconic Holocaust figure Anne Frank. Critical writing required. 

The Bible | RS 101

  • E. Goodfriend
  • Mo/We 9:30-10:45 or 11:00-12:15
  • 3 units
  • Class #14204 or #15155
  • Sierra Hall 314
  • GE Arts & Humanities

Learn basic content and themes of the Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and Apocryphal writings.



*Cross-listed courses above (e.g. JS/Hist or JS/Soc) mean that whether you enroll with the JS or other course number, the class meets at the same time, in the same room, and fulfills identical Major or GE requirements.