Jewish Studies Interdisciplinary Program

Join our next trip!

Join our next trip!

Every two years, the CSUN Jewish Studies Program and the Department of History co-host a two-week trip to Poland and one or more other countries. Check out the links and information below to learn more about these fun and educational faculty-led trips.

Trip cost: $4445.00 per person.  There are generous scholarships available.  You are required to pay at least $750.00.


Click here to download the brochure for the upcoming trip to Poland and Germany (June 2 - 18, 2020)

Our trip goals include:

  • exploring the larger world outside of the Americas
  • visiting major historical sites and cultural monuments
  • meeting European college students and community members
  • understanding the past 200 years of European history, and the changing position of Jews during that time
  • recognizing a changed consciousness of Europeans today regarding the heritage of the Jews
  • seeing the resurgence of Jewish life in Europe first-hand
  • seeing evidence of the Holocaust in Europe and the evolving post-war discussion of the Holocaust in different countries

How we achieve our objectives:

  • academic preparation prior to the trip
  • short lectures and guided tours during the trip
  • visits to museums, cultural centers, synagogues and churches, historical sites, and memorial sites
  • students report on an assigned topic (assigned prior to departure)
  • planned meetings with local residents
  • discussions and written reflections during the trip in our trip blog (see below to access previous blogs)

Click here to view our image galleries from previous trips.

You can also click on any of the links below to view our travel blogs from previous trips:

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CSUN Students in Poland

Above: CSUN students visiting the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, posing next to a statue of Jan Karski, a Polish resistance leader during World War II (Summer 2016)