Jewish Studies Interdisciplinary Program

When Genetics Challenges a Racist’s Identity

Friday, February 16, 2018 - 2:00pm to 3:45pm

Chaparral 5125

Aaron PanofskySince the advent in the mid-2000s of genetic ancestry tests (GATs) available directly to consumers, researchers have considered what their effects would be on individuals’ conceptions of their own identities and their understanding of race and ethnicity.  Aaron Panofsky’s study focuses on white nationalists posting and discussing GAT results on the web forum Stormfront. He found that people who post on Stormfront expend considerable energy and employ considerable ingenuity to repair individuals’ identities by rejecting or reinterpreting GAT results.  In this talk, Panofsky describes his findings and discusses the way that white nationalists constitute the boundaries of their group.

Aaron Panofsky is an Associate Professor in the Institute for Society and Genetics, Public Policy, and Sociology. He is a sociologist of science, knowledge, and culture with a special interest on the history, intellectual organization, and social implications of genetics.

Left: Aaron Panofsky

No RSVP needed. Everybody is welcome, but space is limited. This colloquium is hosted by the CSUN Department of Biology. For more information, please contact them at (818) 677 – 3356.