Liberal Studies Program

  • ITEP Freshman 2023 Cohort
  • ITEP Cohort 2019 - Class of 2023
  • 2022 ITEP Freshman Cohort
  • ITEP Freshmen 2021 - #1
  • ITEP Freshmen 2021 - #2
  • ITEP Freshman 2020 Cohort
  • 2019 ITEP Freshman Cohort
  • Optima Energy Sustainability Scholarship
  • 2022-2023 Literacy Scholars for the Future of Los Angeles (LSLA)
  • 2023 Multicultural Literacy Scholars (Dr. Krystal Howard)
  • Ronnett B. Simon Scholarship Recipient

New Students


First semester and second semester Freshman at CSUN who are declared Liberal Studies majors will be advised by the College of Humanities Student Services Center and EOP Satellite.


New students interested in the Liberal Studies major must participate in a virtual information session in order to be able to make an appointment to meet with an advisor.

Virtual Information Session - Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies information session will inform students about the B.A. Degree and ITEP-Junior Option of Liberal Studies. Students interested in teaching multiple subjects (Kindergarten through 6th grade) or Special Education must complete this virtual information session. 

You will be receiving the ZOOM Meeting ID link 24 hours before the start of the information session



New students interested in the Interdisciplinary Studies degree can call the Interdisciplinary Studies and Liberal Studies office to schedule an appointment.  Please call the Interdisciplinary Studies and Liberal Studies office at (818) 677-3300 and identify yourself as a student interested in declaring the Interdisciplinary Studies degree.