Liberal Studies Program

  • ITEP Freshman 2023 Cohort
  • ITEP Cohort 2019 - Class of 2023
  • 2022 ITEP Freshman Cohort
  • ITEP Freshmen 2021 - #1
  • ITEP Freshmen 2021 - #2
  • ITEP Freshman 2020 Cohort
  • 2019 ITEP Freshman Cohort
  • Optima Energy Sustainability Scholarship
  • 2022-2023 Literacy Scholars for the Future of Los Angeles (LSLA)
  • 2023 Multicultural Literacy Scholars (Dr. Krystal Howard)
  • Ronnett B. Simon Scholarship Recipient

Academic Programs

B.A., Liberal StudiesB.A., Interdisciplinary StudiesHumanities MinorSustainability MinorLSLA - Literary Scholars for the Future of Los Angeles Minor

B.A., Liberal Studies is available for students interested in careers as elementary or special education teachers should select one of the Liberal Studies Teacher Preparation option programs. All provide a B.A. degree in Liberal Studies, including preparation in the multiple subjects taught in self-contained classroom settings. Students in the Teacher Preparation option take courses in the language arts, natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences, humanities, visual and performing arts, human development, physical education and health. By the end of the degree program, students have a foundation of basic knowledge in all of these areas. Students pursuing the Teacher Preparation option are not required to meet the University General Education requirements. By completing the Liberal Studies major, students are considered to have fulfilled those requirements.

B.A., Interdisciplinary Studies is available for students interested in a degree that approaches complex problems that are best addressed by integrating several academic schools of thought, specialized knowledge from multiple research areas, or methods and perspectives from different disciplinary fields. This degree emphasizes the practice and methodology of interdisciplinarity to enable students to merge different scholarly areas and fields. With a selection of courses drawn from a variety of departments (from the Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities) focusing on quantitative, qualitative and cultural approaches, the degree prepares students to produce college-level cross-disciplinary work and grants them the freedom to design a major around their intellectual interests and professional goals.

Humanities Minor is available for students interested in supplementing their degree with an interdisciplinary array of courses in Ethnic Studies, the Arts, English, Linguistics, Philosophy, and others.

Sustainability Minor is available for students interested in learning current and best practices for planetary sustainability on an individual, institutional, regional and global level.  This minor provides a strong supplement for all majors.