Gender and Women's Studies

  • Gender & Women's Studies
  • Latin American Feminisms
  • Double Major with Gender and Women's Studies
  • Phenomenal Woman Awards

Student Learning Outcomes

Mural with flowers and starsThe Gender and Women’s Studies Department at CSUN teaches students to view the world with a critical analytical approach grounded in a social justice framework.

  1. Students will obtain a level of proficiency in the discipline of Gender and Women’s Studies which can include but are not limited to knowledge of feminist movements, intersectionality, queer and trans* studies, imperialism and coloniality, transnational feminisms, feminist theories, and/or feminist research methods.
  2. Students recognize the gender dimension of social, economic, cultural, historical, political, national and global inequalities, become familiar with a range of past and present major issues affecting women and men in society and learn how to critically assess these issues from a feminist perspective.
  3. Students articulate ethical propositions, demonstrate self-reflexivity about their ideas and social and political positions, and practice empathetic listening with each other and with the underprivileged that promote gender, race, class, and sexual justice, and democratic values
  4. Students develop a sense of agency grounded in the development of their skills in oral and written communication. They learn to express ideas effectively, tailoring arguments and presentation styles to audience and context.
  5. Students obtain media literacy and information competency by learning how to use visual media and new technologies to assess, interpret and generate information from a variety of sources, including print and electronic media, film, video, and internet technologies.