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GWS Major and Minor

The Department of Gender and Women's Studies offers both a major and a minor in the field. It also offers a double major that can be combined with other areas of study.

Gender and Women's Studies Major

The major in GWS is a 45 unit major. It consists of required lower division and upper division courses, plus upper division electives and a concentration.

The major is flexible and works very well with minors in various fields such as Queer Studies, English, Psychology, Communication, Business, etc.

Gender and Women's Studies Minor

The minor in GWS is an 18 unit minor. Students who declare themselves Gender & Women's Studies minors must take 3 core courses (9 units), plus 3 courses (9 units) of Gender and Women's Studies electives.

Students who have already taken some Gender and Women's Studies electives may apply them retroactively to the minor.

The Gender and Women's Studies minor complements many majors such as Psychology, Sociology, English, Communication, Business, Law, etc. It provides a background for various careers such as law, counseling and healthcare or advanced graduate degrees in fields such as Women's Studies, education, communication, politic, cultural and media studies.

2-Year and 4-Year Graduation Plans

Please click on the links below (or on the left) to access graduation plans for GWS majors who plan to graduate in two years (transfer students, or students declaring the major in the 3rd year) or 4 years (students declaring the major in their first year).

2 Year Graduation Plan (for transfer students, or students declaring the major in their 3rd year)

4 Year Graduation Plan (for students declaring the major in their first year)

Double Major 

The double major is designed for students who choose Gender and Women’s Studies as their second field of study. The 30-unit program equips students with the competencies of the field and provides an excellent special focus for any field in the Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences and beyond. Courses taken towards fulfilling one major may also count towards fulfilling parallel requirements in the second major

Double majoring in Gender & Women’s Studies is one of the best career choices you have today at CSUN. Make yourself distinct from others in your primary major by adding GWS as a double major. It is easy to do. Select out of a variety of combinations of majors that pique your interests and become an expert in gender and another area of study. Talk to our academic advisors about designing a plan that fits your needs.