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A Talk by Drs. Rosaura Sánchez & Beatrice Pita on The Californio Testimonios

Monday, March 22, 2021 - 4:00pm to 5:15pm

Zoom Webinar

A talk by Rosaura Sanchez and Beatrice Pita

A Talk by Drs. Rosaura Sánchez & Beatrice Pita on The Californio Testimonios

In their talk at CSUN, Drs. Sánchez and Pita will examine the complicated and often conflicted identity formation of Californios. They will also discuss their recent study on Indigenous and Mexican dispossession. In Spatial and Discursive Violence in the U.S. Southwest (Duke University Press 2021), they critically examine the participation of Chicanxin the dispossession of Indigenous populations before being dispossessed themselves with the U.S. invasion of the Southwest. Their work  takes on an important political task, both in terms of Chicanxrelationship to the past but also to their positioning in the present.

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Sponsored by Center for the Study of Peoples of the Américas(CESPA);  Chicana/o Studies Department; Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures.

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