Student Organizations


4Humanities is a platform for advocacy of the humanities which draws on the technology of the digital humanities community. We advocate for humanities in academia, while bringing digital expertise to the humanities. 

Planned Events/Meetings

Keep an eye out for updates on our "Tool of the Month" sessions where we will introduce various digital tools that will help with research, writing, and analysis and digital workshops!


18th-Century Scriveners

The 18th-Century Scriveners: Literary and Material Culture Group discusses a variety of texts from the Long 18th Century in conjunction with a myriad of other disciplines to gain a better understanding of the period and its people. Always fascinating. Always fun. Always with a pinky in the air.

Associated Graduate Students of English (AGSE)

The Associated Graduate Students of English (AGSE) is an organization dedicated to serving the English graduate student population at CSUN. Our purpose is to coordinate events to help support and enhance the graduate student experience. Throughout the year, we sponsor and host a variety events, including book sales, social events, workshops, and marathon readings, presenting our students with opportunities to grow as scholars, intellectuals, and educators. We encourage professionalism, networking, and educational advancement through our various programs, workshops, and activities.

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CSUN Critical Theory Club

The CSUN Critical Theory Club embraces critical theoretical discussion in an open, comfortable space among English, Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Social Science, and many other students at CSUN. We read and collectively parse engaging theoretical texts, invite guest professor/grad student speakers to discuss unique areas of expertise, and build community through thoughtful, engaging dialogue.

Planned Events/Meetings

CSUN Critical Theory Club will host Theory Study Nights throughout each semester to serve as supplemental workshops for students enrolled in English 436 and 638, required undergraduate and graduate critical theory classes.


Graduate Reading Series

Northridge Creative Writing Circle

The Northridge Creative Writing Circle is an out-of-classroom creative writing community for the students of California State University Northridge, no matter their major. The group does not seek to replace what is happening in creative writing classrooms, but to offer an extension of it. Its meetings and events will help the writers of California State University Northridge foster close, creative relationships with each other as well as provide venues for the further creative and professional development of its members' work.

Planned Events/Meetings: Regular workshop meetings are always held twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays in the afternoon.

For more information or details about upcoming events, please contact: ncwcgroup@gmail.com


Sigma Tau Delta

Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society at California State University, Northridge.