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Ysabella Gonzalez, Managing Editor
Ysabella Gonzalez is earning her Master of Arts in English with an emphasis in creative writing. She begins her first semester working as an editor for Northridge ReviewAdditionally, she opens her first year with CSUN Athletics in 2023-2024 as the Assistant Director for Strategic Communications. Gonzalez serves as CSUN's primary media contact for the women’s basketball, softball, and women’s tennis. She previously served as a student assistant from Sept. 2023 to Dec. 2023, assisting with CSUN's media and gameday efforts. 

Prior to CSUN, Gonzalez interned as the Sports Recap Writer at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, Calif. during the 2022-23 season. She graduated from California Lutheran University in May 2023 with two degrees: English with an emphasis in writing and Communication with an emphasis in Journalism. As a student she also worked for the CLU student paper, The Echo, where she covered various Cal Lutheran features.

Hannah Davis, Assistant Managing Editor
Hanna Davis is a student earning her B.A. in English with a focus on Creative Writing at California State University, Northridge. She is a poet, born in South Carolina and raised in California since the age of 10. Her time spent in the Southeast while growing up has a strong influence on her writing, among other related subjects such as her childhood and familial relationships. She also draws inspiration from the horror genre, the painful and mediocre moments of everyday life, and the fantastical scenes found in folklore and children’s stories. She’s been writing poetry since middle school, and was a competitive slam poet in highschool. She’ll be published in theNorthridge Reviewin the Spring 2024 edition. Stepping into the world of publishing, she hopes to highlight voices that have previously been unheard and broaden her knowledge of the current literary world and the works of her peers. 

Lauren Beale, Editor-at-Large
... is an up and coming editor striving to make her mark in the world of publishing. Lauren began as a copywriter for her University’s Student Union at California State University, Northridge and is now the Editor-at-Large of the eccentric team behind the literary magazine, Northridge Review. Flexible between copywriting, editing, and marketing, Lauren has written a multitude of professional advertisements. Although her main focus is on the editorial side, she is also a creative writer. With a hand in a past school newspaper, playwriting, and short story writing, her work leads the reader into the middle of an emotional ocean.


Desiree Alvarado
... is a junior at CSUN and majors in creative writing. She hopes to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in arts and pursue a career in writing or publishing. Since she was young, writing has been a skill Desiree has excelled in. It reflects through grades and comments from her papers or other academic writings. She has also helped peers or friends with their writing, giving feedback on what they can improve on. However, she finds her true passion for writing in her short stories. In her spare time, Desiree loves creating ideas and turning them into short fictional stories. Many of her works shift between the genres of fantasy and horror. She is currently compiling a collection of stories.

Bryan Antonio
... is an aspiring writer and creative writing student at California State University, Northridge. He is currently a member of Northridge Review and is committed to writing stories centered around his experiences as a first-generation Mexican-American college student. Inspired by books such as The House on Mango Street and writers like Gloria Anzaldúa, he looks forward to exploring the writing craft in a similar fashion. Apart from non-fiction, he is also determined to write an epic fantasy book in the vein of Japanese light novels. He likes to explore the city of Los Angeles with friends as well as hiking in the mountains of Griffith Park. He currently resides in the diverse and ever-changing neighborhood of Jefferson Park.

Andrea Baylian
... is a first generation Armenian American, born and raised in Tujunga, California. From a young age she loved to read novels and fashion magazines and dreamed of publishing her own writing. She expressed her passion for storytelling when she became a writer for her high school’s newspaper, La Yuca, covering sports, fashion, and entertainment. She has since written content for websites, blogs, newsletters and social media accounts spanning various industries including Healthcare, Retail Jewelry, Higher Education, Legal, Private Equity, and Humanitarian. Currently she is the Editor-in-Chief of the Recreation and Tourism Management department newsletter and Webmaster for the Recreation and Tourism Management department website. She looks forward to using her writing experience and marketing skills to publicize the writing of young writers so that young readers may become inspired to pick up a pen and write stories of their own.

August Bianco
My name is August Bianco, currently a student attending CSU Northridge, and soon to be graduating with a bachelors in English Creative Writing. My ethos as a writer is to prioritize escapism, through well-crafted storytelling and plot elements, so readers of a given work may take a few moments to leave the troubles of their lives behind. In the time I have spent learning about the do’s and don’ts of the literary world, I believe I have what it takes to review any submitted work that may yet reach the expected standards of any literary magazine in a thorough and timely manner.  Outside of my academic obligations I review, and fill out, legal documents to be submitted to the courts for processing; to do this job, information must be detailed and thoroughly combed and free of errors. This diligence is key for any form of work submission and review.

Ray Birdsong
... is an anxious fiction writer with 3 cats, a snake, and a dog and sadly not enough hands to pet all 5 at the same time. He has helped publish Northridge Review before for Spring 2023 while auditing the class for the sake of his friend (and a little for fun too). Ray likes to read extensively and, while he’s pursuing a teaching credential, would love to be a professional beta reader if he can find the opportunity. Ray has an Associate’s degree in English and a Bachelor’s in English-Single Subject Matter, and has spent the better part of 6 years studying all that he can in every English class possible at two different colleges. As a writer, Ray likes to write as he thinks, taking the words from his brain and dumping them onto the page in the hopes that it’ll be understandable and/or good.

Claire Boeck
Claire Boeck is a writer and poet who transferred from Moorpark College. She has an extensive news and media background—having worked in a professional newsroom as well as managing print editor for the Sundial—yet she’s a creative at heart. 

As a member of both the Latina and trans communities, she wants to amplify the quieter voices around her and give strength to those who want to tell their stories. In her free time she loves playing on her Steam Deck and being abashedly suckered into reading another Victorian romance novel.

Josh Fajardo
Josh Fajardo is a born-and-raised Los Angeles creative hailing from the islands of the Philippines. They are finishing their degree in Art & Design with an emphasis in Communication Design and their Minor in Writing & Rhetoric. They strive to uplift BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ voices through poetry, art/design, and photography. Josh's fascination with art began when they was a kid, tracing and drawing logos from his favorite video game, Super Smash Bros Melee, on the Nintendo Gamecube. 

While working with the Northridge Review, Josh is a creative strategist for the Dolorosa Tattoo Company, serving the community of Studio City and promoting the stylistic works of the artists at the studio. In their free time, they love watching B-rated horror movies, visiting coffee shops, and going to punk shows.

Megan Ferguson
Born in the Bay Area and raised in Austin, Texas, Megan Ferguson is a writer and student currently based in Los Angeles. She is graduating this spring with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from California State University, Northridge. When not reading or writing, Megan enjoys listening to her ever-changing daylists on Spotify, taking care of her elderly cat, Jessie, and trying out new coffee shops wherever she finds herself. Her written works often explore the experiences of womanhood and the human condition. “Daisy” is Megan’s first publication coming Spring 2024 in Northridge Review. 

Paul Herrera 
... is a Creative Writing Major whose passions include learning about our changing social and natural environments, reading novels about women’s empowerment, and advocating for LGBTQ+ movements. He won the Los Angeles LGBT Center Youth Leader of the Year Award in 2018 and strives to spread a sense of connection in the queer community through literature. Writing poetry for over seven years, common themes that reoccur in his poetry include queer love and pain, self-immersion in nature, and lyrical analysis. Recognizing how much talent is hidden amongst his local community, he anticipates uplifting the voices of fellow CSUN students by having their voices amplified through the publication of their work.

Willow Jones
... abstractly known by peers as Arche, is an African-American and queer prose fiction writer. From the age of 12, they would immerse themselves under their bedsheets at night in the world of Percy Jackson, Greek mythology, and other (sometimes) dystopian literature. Reading other young adult dystopian fiction gave them a sturdy home and community to comfort them through their usual chaotic large family dynamics. Drawn from their passion for reading and writing, Arche has joined the Northridge Review staff as a graduating senior to give a voice to other writers and share their stories. And while more known for their prose, they are also known to make a delicious warm batch of baked goods during those cold winter nights.

Matthew J. Miehe
...is a Jewish-American student at CSUN who hardly speaks Hebrew. He is studying English, creative writing, and enjoys a good story. He has been writing short stories since High School and has been published in 2RulesofWriting, Northridge Reviewand has contributed at open mic events. Science Fiction is what inspires him the most along with California’s ‘sometimes’ emptiness. He believes in multiple things: anyone can be creative, narratives vary, every story has a message, and science fiction is the apex of the genre. He writes cynical characters that challenge insurmountable objects, and whether they’re alien or not depends on the day.

Amanda Mitchell
... is a creative writer held hostage by vivid dreams every night and she works daily to transcribe her indisposed inspiration. As a Creative Writing major at CSUN, she writes short stories and poetry all while training for gold in the Sleeping Olympics, a globally slept-on sport. Luckily, remembering nightmares during waking hours results in great fuel for Amanda’s preferred genres of horror, dark academia, science fiction and fantasy. When she’s not stuck in the dream realm, she aspires to turn her college internship experience into a career in the publishing industry. None of her work would be possible without the ultimate napping partner, Dr. Babycakes Pepper, who is a cat of course.

Kristen Revolorio 
Before coming to Northridge Review, Revolorio received a Bachelor of Arts in English at California State University, Northridge, and also gained her teaching credential there to share her knowledge with her high school students. After two years in the field of education, she returned to CSUN in order to pursue her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. With an emphasis in English Language Arts studies and instruction, she has become familiar with literature ranging from Classics to contemporary. In addition she shares an appreciation for aesthetics, and her exposure to students keeps her well informed of new trends on social media and slang which remain a constant part in our ever evolving written and spoken language.

Jenna Sheesley
... has her associate’s degree in English and is working towards having a bachelor’s degree in English: Creative Writing. She started writing in high school after she was given an assignment by her English teacher to write a creative short story. Jenna is a multi-genre writer and hopes to write novels in the future. She also enjoys writing micro-fiction and short stories and is aiming to be published in literary magazines. Through some of her English related courses, she heard about Northridge Review and became interested in learning what it was about. Jenna is a good communicator and is very organized, and she hopes to use these skills while being a part of Northridge Review.

Alexis Shrewsbury
... is a senior at CSUN majoring in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. She’s an aspiring writer for the entertainment industry and her hope is to one day bring her concepts to life in video games or animated television shows. Like a stage, her mind is a platform for characters and their stories to have imaginative conversations. She’s knowledgeable in performance art and theater, with experience both on and off the stage. Classic and obscure movie quotes are her second language. Although writing is her career path, drawing is her hobby. She designs her own characters and creatures. Her work has previously been published in Northridge Review.

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