English Subject Matter Option with Minor in TESL

February 4, 2013

The English Subject Matter Option and the Linguistics/TESL Department are delighted to announce the following new opportunity. Because of the recent expansion of the Linguistics and Diversity Extended Study for the English Subject Matter Option, it is now very easy for students to acquire a minor in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language). Students, therefore, have the opportunity to obtain a BA in English, state-approved Subject Matter competency, and a minor in TESL.

The courses for the TESL minor combine required Core Courses for the Subject Matter Option with courses from the Linguistics and Diversity Extended Study:

Core Courses

ENGL 301
ENGL 302
ENGL 406

Linguistics & Diversity Extended Study Courses

LING 417 or CHS 433 or PAS 395
CHS 482 or ENGL 405 or LING 427 or LING 441
COMS 356
One additional 400-level linguistics course

One Specific Cultures Course from the TESL Minor Option

  • AAS 100 Introduction to Asian American Studies (3)
  • AAS 350 Asian American Personality (3)
  • AAS 450 Asian American Child (3)
  • ANTH 339 Peoples of South Asia (3)
  • ARMN 310 Armenian Culture (3)
  • ARMN 440 The Armenian Child (3)
  • CAS 100 Introduction to Central American Studies (3)
  • CAS 311 The Central American Diaspora (3)
  • CHS 100 Chicano Culture (3)
  • CHS 430 The Chicano Child (3)
  • CHS 431 The Chicano Adolescent (3)
  • CHS 470 Cultural Differences and the Chicano (3)
  • CHS 471 Chicano Families (3)

For further information about the English Subject Matter Option, please contact Dr. Dorothy Clark (dorothy.g.clark@csun.edu), Tel: 818-677-7225 or 818-677-4111.

For further information on the TESL requirements, please speak to Dr. Evelyn McClave (evelyn.mcclave@csun.edu), Chair of the Linguistics/TESL Department, SH 396, Tel: 818-677-5019.