Charles Hatfield and Krystal Howard: Young Readers series podcast on children’s and young adult comics on The Comics Alternative

August 16, 2017

Charles Hatfield and new English department hire (with Liberal Studies) Krystal Howard recently took part in a podcast on children’s and young adult comics.

Back on July 25, Krystal Howard and Charles Hatfield took part in a podcast on children’s and young adult comics, part of the Young Readers series on The Comics Alternative, a popular group of podcasts consisting of conversations among scholars about comics and Comics Studies.

The hosts of the show are Dr. Gwen Athene Tarbox of Western Michigan U (Krystal’s diss. advisor, https://wmich.edu/english/directory/tarbox) and Paul F. Lai, PhD candidate in Language, Literacy, and Culture at the UC Berkeley Grad School of Education and a longtime public school English teacher.

Krystal and Charles joined Gwen and Paul for a special CSUN-themed discussion of teaching comics at the intersection of Children’s Literature and Comics Studies. The podcast can be accessed on The Comics Alternative or via YouTube.