Intermediate Composition

English 305: Intermediate Composition

English 305 extends the skills learned in Approaches to University Writing, enabling students to develop the writing and reading abilities they will need in their academic and professional lives.  Students will learn to construct thoughtful arguments on a variety of topics and develop an understanding of how audience, voice, style, organization, and support impact the effectiveness of a text. They will also learn to revise their essays substantively, stylistically, and grammatically. 

This course satisfies the writing requirement for Liberal Studies candidates.

Student Learning Objectives:

  • To enable students to continue to develop as writers;

  • To enable students to understand how effective texts involve an interaction among the writer, the text, the audience, and the context;

  • To enable students to develop an effective writing process;

  • To enable students to develop critical reading and thinking skills;

  • To enable students to develop an awareness of voice and style;

  • To enable students to create and defend a position using appropriate evidence.