Faculty Publications


·        "The Significance of the Frontier in Comanche Poetry." Western American Literature 49.1 (Spring 2014): 9-28.

·        "This Is a Story about the Plains" and "From The Rez Files (Greasy Grass Fantasy #5)." Yellow Medicine Review (Fall 2014): 28-30.


Deborah Blakely Averill-

·        Blakely, Deborah. “A Poem for my First Apartment.” floor_plan-journal, issue c. September 2015. Web.

·        Blakely, Deborah. “Driving School.” floor_plan-journal, issue c. September 2015. Web.

·        Blakely, Deborah. “Hummingbird and Heroin.” floor_plan-journal, issue c. September 2015. Web.

·        Blakely, Deborah. “Recalcitrant Bed.” floor_plan-journal, issue c. September 2015. Web

·        Blakely, Deborah. “Introduction to Conversational French.” Dusie. Forthcoming Fall 2015. Web.


Ian Barnard-

·        Barnard, Ian. “Queer’s Final Frontier?” Invited forum contribution for “Queer and Now” special issue of The Writing Instructor: A Networked Journal and Digital Community for Writers and Teachers of Writing March 2015. writinginstructor.com. Web.

·        Barnard, Ian. Upsetting Composition Commonplaces. Logan: Utah State University Press, 2014. Print and e-Book.

·        Barnard, Ian, Shartriya Collier, Brian Foley, and David Moguel. "Write for Your Life: Developing Digital Literacies and Writing Pedagogy in Teacher Education." Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education 13.3 (2013). Web.


Holly Batty-

·        "Harry Potter and the (Post)human Animal Body." Bookbird: A Journal of InternationalChildren's Literature. 53.1 (2015): 25-37. Print.


Lauren Byler-

·        "Loose Characters in Mary Cowden Clarke's The Girlhood of Shakespeare's Heroines in a Series of Tales." Texas Studies in Literature and Language 57.3 (2015): 343-388.

·        "Makeovers, Individualism, and Vanishing Community in the Harry Potter Series." Children's Literature(forthcoming 2016)


RosaMaria Chacon-

·        "Brown, Shiny, Pretty Shoes" (a short story) in Cooweescoowee Literary Journal (2014)

·        "Mining Faculty Complaints for Valuable Assessment Clues"  Assessment Update (September-October 2014)


Dorothy Clark-

·        Clark, Dorothy G. and Salem, Linda, eds. Frontiers in Children's Literature. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2016. Print.


Irene Clark-

·        A 2nd edition of College Arguments: Understanding the Genres. for Kendall Hunt Publishers

·        A book for which I have a provisional contract from Parlor Press titled Genre and Mindful Transfer: Theory, Pedagogy, Possibility

·        An article under review with The Journal of Teaching Writing. It is titled "Genre, Identity, and the Brain: Insights and Complications."

·        “Multiple Majors, One Writing Class: Discovering Commonalities through Problematization. In Linked Courses for General Education and Integrative Learning: A Guide for Faculty and Administrators. Eds. Margot Soven et al. Stylus Publishers, 2013.

·        “Review of Joseph Harris A Teaching Subject: Composition Since 1966.” Teaching English in the Two-Year College. 41.1 (September 2013): 81-83.

·        “U.S. First-year Composition and Writing in the Disciplines: Critical Issues,” with David Russell. In The Routledge Handbook of English Language Studies. Ed. Brian Street and Constance Leung. London: Routledge, 2014.

·        “Print/New Media Transfer: Genre Issues.” Journal of Teaching Writing. Spring 2014.

·        “Genre im Schreibenzentrum: Ein Neudefinition.” Schreiben: Grundlagentext Zur Theorie, Didaktik, und Beratung. Verlag Barbara Budrich. Opladen & Toronto: UTB, 2014. (This is a translation of an article that was previously published in The Writing Center Journal in1999. Its title was “Addressing Genre in the Writing Center.”)


Christopher Higgs-

·        Higgs, Christopher. “On Jean-Luc Godard’s Week-End (1967).” Denver Quarterly 48.3 (2014). Print.

·        Higgs, Christopher. “Excerpt from ONE.” The &Now Awards 3: The Best Innovative Writing. Ed. Megan Milks. Chicago: Northwestern University Press, 2014. Print.

·        Higgs, Christopher. “Afterword.” 40 Likely to Die Before 40: An Introduction to Alt Lit. Eds. Cameron Pierce & Michael J. Seidlinger [United States]: Civil Coping Mechanisms, 2014. Print.


Noreen Lace-

·        "Namas-Cray: A book of short cray stories." ReadLips Press. July 2017

·        "Sleep Pulls me Down On a Christmas Pillow." Silver Stream Journal. [Ireland] June 2017

·        "I Can't Resist Your Kiss." Mothers Always Write. May 2017

·        "The Fly." Vine Leaves Press, Australia. May 2017

·        "After." Vine Leaves Press, Australia. May 2017

·        "How To Throw a Psychic a Surprise Party." The Oleander Review. April 2017

·        "Memorial Day Death Watch." Finalist in Writer Advice Flash Memoir Contest. March 2017. Published in Writer Advice April 2017

·        "I've Never Looked So Beautiful." Mothers Always Write. April 2017

·        "Grandma's Last Secret." Secrets. March/April 2017

·        "All at Once." Finalist in Medusa's Nano Text Poetry Contest Feb 2017. Published in special contest issue of Medusas's Laugh. Feb 2017

·        "One Dollar Stories" Crime Stories. December 2016

·        "Dad Shining" Kindle Single Stories. ReadLips. November 2016

·        "Life of Clouds." Readlips Press.  Nov/Dec 2016

·        "Harvey Levin Can't Die." Giggles Galore. Aug/Sept 2016

·        "Harvey Levin Can't Die." Podcast. Pilcrow and Dagger. Sept 2016

·        "Since I can't love you, I love the world." Pilcrow and Dagger.  July 2016. Print.

·        "Of Strays and Exes." Podcast. The Shorts - Episode 12. Pilcrow and Dagger. Web. July 2016

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Jennifer C Lee-

·        Lee, J.C., Nancy Caronia, and Diane Quaglia Beltran. “Interdisciplinary Writing Center Collaborations.” Academic Exchange Quarterly. 18.4 (2014): 64-69. Reprinted in Sound Instruction: Writing Center Theory and Practice. Vol. 4. Ed. Kellie A. Charron. New York: Rapid Intellect Group, 8-13. Print.

·        “The Doublespeak of Empowerment Tropes: Commercial Discourse in the Rhetoric of Health Insurance.” Journal of Popular Culture. 47.5 (2014): 978-989. Print.


Nate Mills-

·        Figures in Rags: The Lumpenproletariat and the Black Marxism of Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison and Margaret Walker. Under contract with University of Massachusetts Press.

·        “Writing Brotherhood: The Utopian Politics of Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man.”Lineages of the Literary Left. Ed. Robbie Lieberman, Paula Rabinowitz, and Howard Brick (University of Michigan Publishing, 2015).

·        “Playing the Dozens and Consuming the Cadillac: Ralph Ellison and Civil Rights Politics.Twentieth-Century Literature61.2 (2015): 147-172.

·        “Ralph Ellison’s Marxism: The Lumpenproletariat, the Folk, and the Revolution.”African American Review47.4 (2014): 537-554.

·        “Louis Althusser and Academic Marxism.” Review ofOn the Reproduction of Capitalism: Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses, by Louis Althusser (Verso, 2014), andAlthusser and his Contemporaries: Philosophy’s Perpetual War, by Warren Montag (Duke University Press, 2013).Against the Current29.5 (2014): 39-42.

·        “Thinking Academic Resistance.” Review ofNeoliberalism, Education, and Terrorism, by Jeffrey R. Di Leo, Henry A. Giroux, Sophia A. McClennen, and Kenneth J. Saltman (Paradigm, 2013).Academe100.3 (2014): 49-50.

·        “Playing in the Dark, on the Left, and Out of Bounds: Nelson Algren, World War II, and the Cross-Racial Imagination of Blackness.” MELUS 38.4 (2013): 146-170.

·        “Cleaver/Baldwin Revisited: Naturalism and the Gendering of Black Revolution.” Studies in American Naturalism 7.1 (2012): 50-79.


Linda Overman- 

·        "Adiós Margarita Cansino, Hello Rita Hayworth." Starbodies and the Erotics of Sufffering. Eds. Rebecca Bell-Metereau and Colleen Glenn. Detroit: Wayne State Press (2015). 149-166.

·        Linda Rader Overman achieves her PhD from ‘merry ole England." Connect: University of Cumbria. (Spring 2015): 12-13.


Iswari Pandey-

·        South Asian in the Mid-South: Migrations of Literacies (University of Pittsburgh Press, Series in Composition, Literacy, and Culture, 2015) 


Martin Pousson-

·        Black Sheep Boy. A novel-in-stories. Rare Bird Books. Hardcover (forthcoming 2015).

·        “Two-Headed Boy.” A short story. The Antioch Review 73:4(forthcoming 2015).

·        “Feathers.” A short story. Epoch 64:3 (forthcoming 2015).

·        “The Fox in the Trap.” A short story. StoryQuarterly 48 (2015).

·        “Altar Boy.” A short story. Five Points 16:2 (2015).

·        National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Fiction. Black Sheep Boy. (2014).

·        CSUN Exceptional Creative Accomplishment Award. (2014).

·        “Flounder.” A short story. The Antioch Review 72:3 (2014).

·        “The Skinwalker.” A short story. Epoch 63:1 (2014).


Enchao Shi-

·        Shi, E. (2014). Optionality in second language grammar. In C.-T James Huang and F-h Liu (Eds.), Peaches and Plums (pp.333-352). Taipei, Taiwan: Academia Sinica.


Stephanie Satie-

o   Silent Witnesses, by Stephanie Satie, a solo play based on interviews and conversations with Child Survivors of the Holocaust; published digitally on IndieTheater.com.


Cheryl Spector-

·        “Beach Books: The View from My Island.” Beach Books 2013-2014: What Do Colleges and Universities Want Students to Read Outside Class?Ed. Ashley Thorne. National Association of Scholars. Oct. 2014. 170-173. Web. 8 July 2015. Pre-publication draft: http://www.csun.edu/~vcoao08e/documents/Beach-Books-from-My-Island.pdf


Danielle Spratt- 

·        Denaturalizing Lady Bountiful: Speaking the Silence of Poverty in Mary Brunton’s Discipline and Jane Austen’s Emma.The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation 56.2 (Summer 2015): 193-208.

·        “‘Taking Emma to the Street: Toward a Civic Engagement Model of Austen Pedagogy.” Persuasions On-Line 34.2 (Spring 2014).http://www.jasna.org/persuasions/on-line/vol34no2/spratt.html

·        “‘Genius thus munificently employed!!!’: Philanthropy and Celebrity in the Theaters of Garrick and Siddons,” Eighteenth-Century Life 37.3 (Fall 2013): 55-84.

·        “Gulliver’s Economized Body: Colonial Projects and the Lusus Naturae in the Travels,” Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture 41 (2012): 137-159. 


Colleen Tripp-

·        Tripp, Colleen. "Beyond the Black Atlantic: Pacific Rebellions and the Gothic in Herman Melville’s “Benito Cereno,"' Journal of Transnational American Studies 8.1 (2017) 


Elyce Wakerman-

·        A Tale of Two Citizens: A Novel Yucca Publishing