Chicana-Chicano Studies

Yarma velazquez-vargas

Yarma Velazquez-Vargas
Full-Time Faculty
Office location:
JR 151B


Dr. Velázquez Vargas received her Ph.D. from the Florida State University (2008) in Communication Studies with an emphasis on gender, media, and queer studies. She has a Master’s in Advertising Management from Michigan State University and a B.A. from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras. Her research interests include gender, queer studies, Latina studies and political economy. Her current research explores issues of media representation and sexuality. Moreover, her work examines the manner in which the representations of queer culture in television reinforce the binaries of sex, gender and sexuality.

Dr. Velázquez Vargas teaches Speech Communication and Media Studies courses. Her published work includes:  “Materialism, Disposal and Consumerism: Queer Eye and the Commodification of Identity” in Ideological Similarities Between Dating and Makeover Reality Television Shows, and "Marco Said I look Like Charcoal; A Puerto Rican’s Exploration of Her Ethnic Identity" in Qualitative Inquiry.