Clinton Global Initiative University and CSUN

About the Project

CGI-UniversityThe Clinton Global Initiative University brings together the top students from all over the globe to discuss issues that impact the entire world. Students are challenged to develop projects to address some of the most pressing challenges found globally. The five Focus Areas for applications include:


Projects that can enhance existing educational programs or initiate new educational opportunities are welcome. Innovations that help disadvantaged students are highly desired. Making changes that help students through the use of educational technology or that enhance student learning by providing professional development opportunities are also encouraged

Environment and Climate Change

Attention and action to make advances in our ability to reduce climate change and to find alternative forms of energy are highly desired. Projects that examine how changes will impact sustainability are also relevant.

Poverty Alleviation

Reducing poverty through the empowerment of individuals and communities financially and through education are important goals. New innovations that begin to reduce the amount of poverty in local and global communities are desired.

Peace and Human Rights

In today's political climate, the ability of our young leaders to affect change is critical. Projects that bridge communities and enhance the diversity of voices heard in many areas of the globe are needed.

Public Health

The health of the world is dependent on the innovations that this generation develops to protect communities across the globe. Increasing health services and promoting good health and the prevention of disease are areas where projects could be developed.

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