Central American Studies

Transborder Temporalities and Imaginaries of the Future - Monday, April 5

Monday, April 5, 2021 - 11:00am

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This symposium will offer simultaneous English/Spanish interpretation.

11:00am PT・2:00pm ET

Inaugural address: "The Transitivity of Trans*"
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Claire Colebrook

Claire Colebrook is an Australian cultural theorist, currently appointed Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of English at Pennsylvania State University. She has published numerous works on Gilles Deleuze, visual art, poetry, queer theory, film studies, contemporary literature, theory, cultural studies, and visual culture.

About this lecture: In Females Andrea Long Cho makes a pointed objection to the ways in which ’trans*’ has been hijacked by various metaphysical schemas, so that trans* comes to signal a general transitivity. In a different vein, Tuck and Yang argue that decolonization is not a metaphor. In a different vein again, Frank Wilderson has insisted that nothing is analogous to anti-blackness. These significant theoretical interventions seek to stabilize and give ethical rigor to political forces. How then can one deal with the singularity of suffering while also speculating on the imaginative potential of actual life?  How do we negotiate the genuine ethical demand that no symbolic order can be faithful to the shock of the real, while also recognizing that without some form of lexical, virtual and actual migration there can be no future?

1:15pm PT・4:15pm ET

Film/Video Screening
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Moderator:  Beatriz Cortez, California State University, Northridge

Laberintos, 2021. 14:21 min.
In Spanish with English subtitles.
Dir:  Guillermo Escalón

Doctor Alfredo Mackenney has two passions: cinema and the Pacaya volcano. With his camera he examines the soul of Guatemala, its inherited ills: a conquest that does not cease, a war of millenary specters, his loss of memory... Labrynths takes as a point of departure the images registered by the doctor and filmmaker Alfredo Mackenney in order to recreate --from a prose, poetic, and even fictional register-- a split Guatemala. Its recomposition becomes even more complex when carried out by a mind that, at the age of ninety, has begun to forget each day more.

2:00pm PT・5:00pm ET

The End of the Anthropocene
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Moderator: Douglas Carranza, California State University, Northridge 

Hector M. Leyva (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras)
"Al pie de los volcanes: epifanía tectónica y extinción en las letras centroamericanas" 

Beatriz Cortez (California State University, Northridge)
"La vida de una estrella: Fábula asiática de Rodrigo Rey Rosa y otros finales del antropoceno"

Nancy Perez (Humboldt State University)
"Red Dust: Migration and Labor as Seismic Fractures to the Anthropocene"

4:00pm PT・7:00pm ET

Isonauta: Maria del Carmen Perez and Ángel Emilio Delgado Pérez
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Moderator: Dr. Julia Medina, University of San Diego

Nicaraguan artists living in Chile, María del Carmen Pérez Cuadra (1971) is the author of Una ciudad de estatuas y perros (Santiago de Chile: Das Kapital, 2014); Sin luz artificial (Managua: CIRA, 2004. Premio Único del II Concurso Centroamericano de Literatura Escrita Por Mujeres “Rafaela Contreras”); and Rama. Microficciones (Managua: Isonauta Ediciones, 2016). She is a doctoral candidate of literature at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.  Ángel Emilio Delgado Pérez (1999) is a freelance illustrator and character designer who lives in Chile. He is studying Digital Animation at the Universidad de Santo Tomás.

5:30pm PT・8:30pm ET

Film/Video Screening
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Moderator:  Valeria Grinberg Pla, Bowling Green State University

Antojología de Carl Rigby, 2019. 62 min.
In Spanish with English subtitles.
Dir: Eduardo Spiegler and María José Álvarez.

The result of two years of conversations, poems, monologues, performances documented at the studio, at his home, in Managua and in Pearl Lagoon.  An attempt to rescue the discourse of this inventor of words, sounds, and concepts.  Carl Rigby Moses (1945-2017) was one of the pioneers of oral Caribbean poetry in Nicaragua.  His poetic work incorporates performance registers that oscillate between social protest and a dialogue with the Afro-descendant tradition.

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