Central American Studies

Life and Empowerment through the Kuna and Embera Lenses

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 - 5:00pm

Jerome Richfield 315
Anayansi Prado Akua Ayala Panamá - Wapikoni - Flyer

 Panamanian documentary filmaker Anayansi Prado returns to CSUN from the autonomous community of Akua Yala, Panama, to share two films produced by Kuna and Embera Youth.

 This event is sponsor by: 

  • The College of Humanities Academic Programming Fund (CoH) 
  • Central American Studies(CAS) 
  • Central American Research and Policy Institute (CARPI) 
  • The Central American United Student Association (CAUSA) 
  • The Non-profit Wapikoni and Impacto Films