Central American Studies

Dr. Hector Ibarra Chavez

Monday, October 16, 2017 - 11:00am to 12:15pm

USU Thousand Oaks Room

Dr. Hector Ibarra Chavez is an author, scholar and activist who in the 80's joined Farabundo Marti Liberation Front (FMLN) and Radio Venceremos.  He will be sharing his experience as internationalist during the Revolution in El Salvador.

Flyer for Dr. Hector Ibarra Chavez event on 10/16/17

Ibarra Chavez will also present his latest book: "En busca del reino de Dios en la tierra: La teología de la Liberación durante la Revolución Salvadoreña" (Searching for God's kingdom on earth: Liberation theology during the Salvadoran Revolution)

This event is sponsored by the Department of Central American Studies (CAS) and the Central American Research and Policy Institute (CARPI).

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