Central American Studies

Arturo Zepeda, M.A.

Arturo Zepeda
Office location:
Jerome Richfield 254F


Arturo Zepeda is a Cal State L.A. alumnus earning his double M.A. in History and Chicana/o Studies.  He also received his B.A. in Latin American Studies with a minor in Central American Studies.  In 2016, he joined the Central American Studies Department as a lecturer.  The focus of his research is in Latin American social movements, barrio activism, and transnational grassroots organizing.  His methodology is rooted in community pedagogies, specifically in theories of postcolonial studies, subaltern studies, and coloniality of power.  He uses an interdisciplinary approach to understand how ethnic politics and popular education is utilized by Latin American grassroots social movements to resist the cultural legacies of colonialism.  Furthermore, he uses ethnographic research and testimonios to understand Latina/o immigrant activism.  Prior to teaching, Arturo was a community organizer in immigrant rights for day laborers and undocumented students in the Westlake area.