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October 2, 2019

Check out our two AASPP events this month: Paminaw, and The Querencia Effect.

Flyer for Paminaw, stories from the ground on the human rights crisis in the Philippines


Stories from the Ground on the Human Rights Crisis in the Phillippines

We welcome members of the US delegation from the World Council of Churches recent Pilgrimage for Justice and Peace to the Philippines. To share first hand testimonies of what they witnessed and heard. Traveling around the Manila area and the island of Negros, which are the killing fields under President Duerte, they met with survivors of massacres, family members who lost loved ones, human rights and development workers who experience daily harassment and death threats, and met with farmers who were detained on false charges. Paminaw is a Visayan word meaning to hear with intention, or to pay close attention to. Join us as concerned Filipinos, community members, and students in listening to the stories often left unheard and together find ways we can respond to the crisis and answer the Filipino people's cries for solidarity.

Food will be served.

The event will also include a fundraiser for the medical expenses of Brandon Lee, a US citizen, who was shot last August 6 in the Philippines where he has volunteered s a human rights worker for over a decade as he continues to fight for his life.

October 21, 6pm - 8pm
CSUN Jack and Florence Ferman Presentation Room

Flyer for The Querencia Effect

Asian American Studies Pathways The Querencia Effect

Open mic night, costume contest, art gallery.
Food, drinks, candy, trick or treat.
Poetry, music, art, sign-up to be announced.

October 24, doors open 6:00 pm (performance 6:30)
The Omatsu House, behind lot B6 (18356 Halsted St.)

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