Asian American Studies

Alpha Psi Rho Fraternity


Alpha Psi Rho's Beta Chapter began when 5 members came together seeking to find unity amongst the Asian American and Pacific Islander community in and around California State University Northridge. Already established in the San Diego area, these 5 brothers sought to establish Alpha Psi Rho in their community to present themselves as a premiere organization dedicated to preserving and presenting the Asian American/Pacific Islander (aka API) culture. On September 1st, 2003, Alpha Psi Rho: Beta Chapter was established in California State University Northridge, with the four core beliefs of brotherhood, academics, prosperity, and strength.


  • To maintain, support, foster, and encourage the importance of academic excellence
  • To provide a union whereupon members will be able to look towards each other for Brotherhood, friendship, and support.
  • To promote Asian/Pacific Islander awareness and culture throughout the university and surrounding community.
  • To instill leadership qualities


  • Lotus Festival in Echo Park
  • Chinatown New Years Parade
  • Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture
  • Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV)
  • Various Asian American Studies events