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HIRI Nonprofit Research Fellowships

HIRI Nonprofit Research Fellowships

Next Deadline: To be announced

The HIRI Nonprofit Research Fellowships provide support for faculty research studies on a wide range of topics about nonprofits and philanthropy. Fellowship funds can be used to buy a faculty recipient out of teaching a course, or to cover research expenses such as travel, among other uses.

Since 2014, 24 Fellowships have been awarded. Each Fellow gives a public lecture to share the results of their project, and also submits a report which is placed on this webpage when the project is completed (go to Study Results link at end of each Winners listing). Information on future public lectures is available on the CSUN Valley Nonprofit Resources webpage. Also, click on previous Winners on the left for more information about the grants made to date.

Established through an endowment to honor the nonprofit Human Interaction Research Institute (HIRI), which conducted research on the nonprofit sector from 1961-2014, the Fellowships are administered through the Center for Southern California Studies, CSUN College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Eligibility: To be eligible to receive a HIRI Nonprofit Research Fellowship, an applicant must be a member of the faculty of CSUN's College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Application Process: Applicants must submit in PDF form a brief proposal outlining (a) the specific objectives, research method and expected outcomes (including publications) of the proposed study, (b) the applicant's professional background in the proposed area of research (a brief resume also should be attached), and (c) a description of how the proposed study fits with the overall objective of the Fellowships – to promote a wider understanding of the nonprofit sector (including philanthropy) and its impact on the community. Proposals must not exceed five pages in length, plus the resume.

Review Process: Applications will be reviewed by the Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Dr. Thomas Backer, President Emeritus of Human Interaction Research Institute and Senior Research Fellow at College. Outside reviewers are invited as needed to evaluate specific proposals.

Award Process and Agreement: Applicants whose research studies are selected for funding will be known as HIRI Fellows. Each HIRI Fellow will receive an email notice of award, which will serve as an agreement between the awardee and the University, and the winner must accept this agreement by return email. Among the terms of each award will be the HIRI Fellow's agreement to submit a brief written final report which includes a summary of the most important findings from the research (which may be in the form of a short working paper, a PowerPoint for a one-hour public lecture each Fellow will be asked to give, or a manuscript submitted for publication). The summary of findings will be posted on this webpage (observing publication embargos if necessary from peer-reviewed journals).

Award Amount: Up to $5,000 (or the current costs of three units of reassigned faculty time, which must be requested when the application is made).

Deadline: See above. Late submissions will not be considered. Decisions will be announced within one month of the submission deadline.

Send submissions or questions via email to Dr. Thomas Backer.