Human Interaction Research Institute

HIRI Fellowship Winners

HIRI Nonprofit Research Fellowships, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, California State University Northridge

Spring 2019

  • Professor Lauren Willner, "Examining the Structural Barriers to Effective Service Provision Within Nonprofit Organizations Serving the Homeless: A Community-Based Participatory Research Project"
  • Professor Mintesnot Woldeamanuel, "The Role of Nonprofit Organizations in the Expansion of All-inclusive Transportation in Los Angeles"

Fall 2018

  • Professor Jodi Brown "Midterm Elections: Nonprofit Survival Strategies in Times of Uncertainty"
  • Professor.Luciana Lagana, "A Randomized Controlled Study on the Anti-Bias Value of an Educational Film Featuring Differently Abled Individuals and Related Nonprofit Work"

Spring 2018

  • Professor Allen Lipscomb, "Exploring the Role of Mentorship in Nonprofit Organizations in the San Fernando Valley to Support and Retain African American Male Social Workers"
  • Professor Lauren Willner, "Navigating Managerialism: The Experiences of Middle Managers in Social Justice Nonprofit Organizations"

Fall 2017

  • Professor Alejandra Acuna, “Assessing and Promoting Professional Resilience among Nonprofit Staff”
  • Professor Kimberly Kirner, “Improving the Organizational Network for Older Foster Youth in Los Angeles County”
  • Professor Zeynep Toker, “The Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Offering Physical Activity Related Programs Addressing Health Disparities in the San Fernando Valley”
  • Professor Lauren Willner, “Understanding the Role of Managerialism in Social Justice Nonprofit Organizations: Threats, Challenges, and Opportunities”

Spring 2017

  • Professor Moshoula Capous-Desyllas, “Using Photovoice Methodology to Assess the Needs and Services of Nonprofit Organizations: Strengths and Limitations of Using this Arts-based Research Method as an Evaluation Tool”

Fall 2016

  • Professor Cedric Hackett, DuBois-Hamer Institute for Academic Achievement, “Study of San Fernando Valley Nonprofit Services to Black Women”
  • Professor Luciana Lagana, Department of Psychology, “Study of Impact of a Film on Older Multiethnic LGBTQ Individuals and Nonprofits Serving Them”
  • Professor Jodi Constantine Brown, “Fight, Flight, or Freeze?  Nonprofit Survival Strategies in Times of Uncertainty”

Spring 2016

  • Professor Craig Olwert, Urban Studies and Planning and Danielle Bram, Center for Geographical Studies, “Study of Valley Nonprofit Needs Including Geo-mapping Technology”
  • Professor David Boyns, Sociology, “Study of Partnerships Among Valley Nonprofits”
  • Professor Alessandro Rigolon, Urban Studies and Planning, “Study of Valley Nonprofits and Green Space Inequities”
  • Professor Luciana Lugana, Psychology, “Study of Impact of a Video on Attitudes Regarding  Homeless Healthcare Nonprofits”

Fall 2015

  • Professor Moshoula Capous-Desyllas Sociology Department, “Using Visual Mapping Methodology to Understand Barriers and Access to Services of Nonprofit Organizations in Los Angeles”
  • Professor Victor Shaw, Sociology Department, “Chinese Philanthropy and Nonprofit Organizations in the United States”

Spring 2015

  • Professor Craig Olwert, Urban Studies and Planning & Danielle Bram/Patricia Pendleton, Center for Geographical Studies, “Feasibility Study on Providing Geographic Information Science Services to Nonprofits”
  • Professor Jodi Constantine Brown, Department of Social Work, “Social Work Perspectives of Nonprofit Agency Research Capacity and Culture”

Fall 2014