Your First Day & Week

Welcome to California State University, Northridge. To make your onboarding as smooth as possible, this page provides information you will need on your first day.

How can I get ready for my first day?

All employees must complete the Sign-In Process on or before the official start date before any work can be performed. 

There are several employment forms that you should fill out in advance and bring with you on your first day. If your position is eligible for benefits, you can read about the benefits plans so that you will be ready to make your selections upon receipt of emailed instructions on how to enroll..

Where should I go on my first day? How do I get there and where can I park?

To complete the Sign-In Process, new staff, faculty, or student assistant employees must schedule an appointment with Human Resources. Email hrcustomerservice to request a timed appointment, and attach a copy of the New Employee Sign-In Form provided by the hiring department.

Upon scheduling your appointment, you'll receive a confirmation email from HR Customer Service within 48 hours, Monday-Friday, with instructions on the required items to bring. Employees should print and bring all necessary documents on their first day, but paperwork can be completed in our office if needed. Human Resources is located in Room 165 of Valera Hall.

If you complete the Sign-In Process on your first day, you should report to your hiring department/office at the start of your first day if instructed. Then, please report to Human Resources, Valera Hall Room 165, at your scheduled time to turn in your Sign-In Paperwork and complete the Sign-In Process.

Upon arriving on campus, you can purchase Temporary Daily Parking Permits from parking permit dispensers. View the campus map here to locate the nearest lot to your work area. After onboarding, obtain a virtual parking permit via your CSUN portal or the Parking Services Office. To sign up for automatic payroll deduction, visit the Parking Services Office during regular business hours. More parking information is available here.

Important: COVID-19 Vaccination Information –

CSU policy recommends that all individuals who access any in-person program or activity (on- or off-campus) operated or controlled by the University follow COVID-19 vaccine recommendations adopted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) applicable to their age, medical condition, and other relevant indications and comply with other safety measures established by each campus.  More information on campus resources and policies, including how to report exposure to COVID-19 can be found here.

What will I need to bring on my first day?

You are required to present the following documents on your first day:

  • Documents that satisfy the requirement for the INS Form I-9.
  • An original, non-laminated Social Security card to satisfy California state payroll requirements.
  • Your new employee paperwork that you downloaded and completed in advance.
  • If you submitted your forms via fax or mail, please bring your originals and your I-9 paperwork.

When will I get an Employee ID Card?

Approximately two weeks after completing the Sign-In Process, the Office of the Registrar will send you an email with detailed instructions on downloading your digital Employee ID Card. Accessible on your mobile device, your MataCard will serve as your University ID Card, and your one-card to purchase a parking decal, receive library privileges, and to be eligible for admission to certain events. 

You can also add money to your account and use your MataCard like a debit card for select purchases on campus — at the Campus Store, at eateries, at Mercado locations or when using beverage vending machines. (Some campus eateries even offer a 5% discount when you pay with your MataCard!)  For more information, visit the CSUN MataCard webpage. 

When will I get my pay (Pay Warrant)?

Pay days vary by your type of position.

  • Staff are paid via a pay warrant, once per month and generally on the last day of the monthly pay period, or the first day of the following month.
  • Academic Year and 12-Month faculty receive their salary in 12 equal pay warrants, once per month and generally on the last day of the monthly pay period, or the first day of the following month.
  • Lecturers assigned to teach one or two semesters, generally receive their salary in six equal pay warrants per semester, once per month and generally on the last day of the monthly pay period, or the first day of the following month.
  • Faculty and lecturers should view the Academic Year (AY) Faculty & AY Teaching Associate Pay Warrant Distribution Schedule for specific dates.
  • Student and hourly employees are paid on the 15th of the month. If the 15th of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or University holiday, payday will be the prior business day. For further clarification, refer to Payroll Basics, or ask your supervisor.

All employees not on direct deposit will have their "live" state pay warrant distributed to them by the Department Designated Representative (DDR).  

Direct Deposit

In order to avoid unexpected mailing delays, we also highly encourage you to consider enrolling in direct deposit.  New enrollment may take up to two pay periods to process, so please ensure your home address on file is also up to date. The following link provides information on Direct Deposit for CSUN employees:

Cal Employee Connect

Employees may register for Direct Deposit and view their pay warrant (paycheck) details and IRS Form W-2 by registering with Cal Employee Connect (CEC). CEC is a secure site run by the State of California’s State Controller’s Office and allows state employees to view paycheck information for the current tax year and two prior tax years and view Form W-2 for the past three tax years.  Access to CEC is available for current and former state employees.  More information can be found here: 

Where can I get more information on my benefits, and when am I eligible?

Within five days of your first day of work, you will receive a welcome email which includes an invitation to attend an Introduction to Benefits and Payroll for New Employees session.  This session is held online, via zoom and generally takes place every other Wednesday, from 2:00 to 3:15 pm.   Additionally, upon completing your employment documentation with HR, your Benefits Officer will reach out to you via email with your benefit options and instructions on how to enroll.

Please allow up to five (5) business days to receive an email while your employment record is being established.

Note: If your position is eligible for benefits, the effective date of medical coverage is the first day of the month following appointment once you have elected benefits and submitted required documents when adding dependents. For more information on CSU specific benefits information, please visit our Benefits Administration website.

Schedule, Expectations, Logistics

  • Clarify your first week’s schedule, and confirm required and recommended training.
  • Set up your personal work-space, email, and voicemail.
  • Review your job description, outline of duties, and expectations. Ask how your job fits in the department, and how your job and department contribute to the unit/school and the Institute.
  • Ask your manager for an overview of the functional area – its purpose, organizational structure, and goals.
  • Review hours of work. Ask questions about policies and procedures for overtime, use of vacation and sick time, holidays, as well as any flexible work policies or procedures.
  • Ask any other questions on benefits, important deadlines, and signing up for the in-person New Employee Welcome Orientation session.
  • Ask your manager about:
    • Employee key(s) and building access codes.
    • Transportation and parking.
    • Department-specific safety and emergency information.
    • How to get additional supplies.


  • Be prepared to meet coworkers on the first day.
  • Introduce yourself to others in the workplace.