Submitting HR Forms Electronically

Instead of mailing forms to HR, please submit them electronically as indicated below:

  • In Range Progression (IRP) - email to
  • Medicare Status Forms - email to
  • Personnel Action Request Form (PAR) – 
    • Completed PAR forms can be emailed directly to the Operations Technician assigned to the respective college.
    • Remember to use the Part-Time Faculty Module to transact certain job changes for Lecturers, Teaching Associates and Graduate Assistants.
    • We will accept scanned forms and photos.  If signature approvals are hard to obtain, you may include an email approval from the designated appropriate administrator.
  • Position Description Forms, Signed -  email to
  • Reclassification – e-mail to
  • Separation/Clearance Form - email to the Operations Tech handling your respective department.