Personal or Family Status Changes

Below is a list of various items that you may consider updating based on a recent personal or family status change.  While this list may not be all inclusive, if your change involved marriage, death, birth, or adoption, the following list of action items should provide you with the most common items requiring follow-up for your consideration.

For example, if you were recently married or entered into a registered domestic partnership or are recently divorced, you may want/need to update your name, address, emergency contact information, health benefit dependents, life insurance and retirement beneficiary designee, and your payroll designee.

If you have additional questions related to the above, please contact Human Resources at or (818) 677-2101.

Address Change -

To Change your address for CSUN, CalPERS, PST Records, and SPP 401(k)/457, complete the Employee Action Request (STD 686):

To Change your address for Voluntary Retirement Plans 403 (b) TSA, and Life Insurance, contact your vendor directly:

Direct Deposit -

To Enroll or Dis-Enroll in Direct Deposit or to change the Financial Institution where your pay warrant funds are deposited, complete a Direct Deposit Enrollment Authorization Request online through your Cal Employee Connect (CEC) account. 

Emergency Contact -

To provide or update the name of an individual the University should contact in the event of an emergency, please complete the Employee Information Form.  If your department also maintains this information, you may want to ensure they have the same information.

Federal & State Withholding Allowances -

To adjust the number of Federal and State Allowances you are claiming, complete a new Employee Action Request Form:

Health Benefits - Dependents -

If you need to add or remove a spouse, registered domestic partner, or a dependent, please consult “How do I enroll or make changes to ….” under the appropriate plan on the following website:

Life Insurance -

If you have a voluntary or employee paid life insurance plan, you can make changes or manage your beneficiary designation by contacting the Standard Insurance Company - Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), and Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance at:

Name Change -

1. PREFERRED NAME: To request that on-line CSUN systems and reports display your preferred name in place of your legal name:

  • Within the CSUN Portal, select the HR tab > Personal Information > Update Personal Information. Select Change name > Edit Name. First and Last names must be entered. Select OK and Save. (Please note that your pay warrant can only be issued in your legal name).

2. LEGAL NAME: To update records to reflect a change in your legal name:

Payroll Designee -

A Payroll Designee is the person you designate as authorized to receive final pay warrants due you in the event of your death.  To provide a name or to update the designee on record, please complete the State form titled “Designation of Person(s) Authorized to Receive Warrants.”

Retirement Beneficiary Changes -

If you are a member of the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS), you may make changes directly at:

If you are a member of the Part-Time, Seasonal, Temporary Employees Retirement (PST) Program, you may make changes directly at:

To change your beneficiary for Voluntary Retirement Plans [403 (b) TSA, 401 (k)/457 plans], contact your vendor directly from the HR Benefits website: