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Outside Employment Disclosure Requirements for Management Personnel Plan (MPP) & Executive Employees

In accordance with Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations (Section 42740), full-time MPP and Executive Employees are required to disclose all outside employment for the identification of and to preclude any conflict of commitment.

1. Definition of Outside Employment:

For the context of this policy, outside employment refers to any employment not compensated through the CSU payroll, including CSU foundation and CSU auxiliary employment. Volunteer work does not apply to this policy.

2. Disclosure Requirements:

MPP and Executive employees are expected to report any and all outside work for which the employees are being compensated. In addition, requests for written disclosure may also be made when the appropriate administrator deems it necessary to ascertain that the employee’s outside employment does not conflict with normal work assignments or satisfactory performance.

In the event that an administrator requests the disclosure of outside employment from a current employee, the written disclosure is to be provided to the administrator within 10 days.

3. Reporting Requirements:

  • Annual Review:  To ensure policy compliance, MPP and Executive Employees will be required annually to review this policy and complete the disclosure and acknowledgment form if applicable.
  • New Outside Employment by Current Employee:  Current MPP and Executive Employees are required to complete the disclosure form within 30 days of taking outside employment.
  • Newly hired MPP and Executive Employees:  New MPP and Executive Employees are required to review this policy and complete the disclosure form as a precondition of employment.

4. More Information: