OnBoarding Staff - Manager's Checklist

OnBoarding is the process of welcoming new employees to our university community and helping them get started in their role. This is an important time to set expectations, introduce new employees to the people they will be working with, share the organization’s priorities, mission, and culture, as well as provide training for specific tasks. Our goal at CSUN is to become a destination workplace. This begins with ensuring that the OnBoarding process of our new-hires is thorough and well balanced.

A common misconception of the OnBoarding process is that this process is active for a few days and/or a week, or centers around orientation. To help ensure employee success and high retention, a strong OnBoarding experience should last at least one year and include a solid investment of your time and attention. 

View the OnBoarding Checklists to the left. The information contained in each checklist can be downloaded and printed as a worksheet to help guide you as you OnBoard your new hire during that period.

If you have any questions about this checklist or the process, please reach out to your Human Resources team.

Click here to print a complete OnBoarding Staff - Manager's Checklist (pdf)
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