MPP Wellbeing Resources

The physical and psychological wellbeing of our staff and faculty is a critical component of the institution's ability to fulfill the mission of the university to our students. Self-care plays an important role in achieving that needed level of wellbeing.  Self-care includes anything you do to keep yourself healthy – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Although prioritizing self-care may sound like common sense,  it is often the first thing to go when we find ourselves in stressful or challenging times.

While self-care is important for all of us, it is imperative for leaders because they're responsible for other people in the workplace. And if leaders aren't taking care of themselves, how can they realistically take care of others? We've compiled some resources for managers to draw upon. We encourage you to take advantage of these resources to ensure that you remain at your best.  

If you see the need for us to address other issues or provide additional resources, let us know.

Articles for a Greater Understanding

Self-Care includes making time for yourself to learn, relax, and grow your mind.  We'll periodically update the articles below to help you stay up to date on your learning.

Microsoft studied worker brains during endless meetings. The results are stressful -, April 20, 2021

Stress Management for Leaders Responding to a Crisis - American Psychological Association, February 24, 2021

Stanford researchers identify four causes for ‘Zoom fatigue’ and their simple fixes - Stanford University, February 23, 2021

Employee Assistance Program | LifeMatters Resources

As a Cal State University Northridge employee, when you or your family members (your dependents and permanent household members) need helpful guidance, problem assessment, short-term counseling, and/or referral to local resources, your LifeMatters@CSUN program (administered by Empathia Pacific, Inc.) is just a phone call away, and it is available on a live basis, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Managers are encouraged to explore the many stress management/self-care resources on the LifeMatters website   password: matadors2. Remember to use the manager password (matadors2), instead of matadors.

Resources for managers include: Manager Webinar Archive, The Advisor, and manager focused workshops.

The upcoming May issue of The Advisor will focus on Self-Care for managers.

Don't forget - LifeMatters offers professional management consultation when you need it, as often as you need it on approaching difficult conversations with employees, interpersonal conflicts between team members, speaking with your team about crisis situations, such as a violent incident, the death of an employee, or a natural disaster, or addressing your own personal concerns. Remember to touch base with Employee Relations.

Healthy Matadors

The Healthy Matadors website is an initiative of Human Resources that hosts information and notices of campus programming and events centered on physical, mental, spiritual, and nutritional wellbeing for managers/staff/faculty, and students. Visit the Healthy Matadors Faculty/Staff page often to view upcoming programming.

Partners in the CSUN Wellness Affinity Group posting their programming and opportunities to engage include:

Environmental Health & SafetyKinesiology DepartmentStudent Recreation Center
Human ResourcesKlotz Student Health CenterUniversity Counseling Center
Institute for Community Health & WellbeingMarilyn Magaram Center 
Institute for SustainabilityOasis Wellness Center 

Matador Employee Social Circles

Matador Employee Social Circles were created for the Spring 2021 semester to strengthen our community and help bridge the gap of networking, and connections that comes naturally when working on campus. 

Check out the listing and details of these opportunities to have some fun and learn new skill along with your colleagues, here.

Book Club


CSUN Poetry Collective



After Hours @ The Bingo Lounge


Stress Reduction

Student Employees


Oasis Wellness Center

As Part of the University Student Union, the Oasis Wellness Center offers a variety of services including:

Nap PodsLabyrinth Guided MeditationPeer Nutrition Education
Relaxation ChairsAcupunctureReiki Therapy
Massage ChairsMassage TherapyWellness Coaching
Digital LibraryNutrition CounselingAfter Hours Care


The Oasis Wellness Center of the University Student Union (USU) at CSUN invites all students and the campus community to participate in our diverse range of virtual events, programs and services happening during the Spring 2021 semester. Everything the Oasis provides is intended to focus on wellness and managing stress — all intended to promote student academic success.

CSUN faculty and staff can sign up for the fee-based massage and acupuncture services at the Oasis all year round. 

Faculty and staff are also eligible for complete access to the Oasis every summer. If you have a summer SRC membership, it will also include access to the Oasis. Those who are not SRC members can still purchase an Oasis summer membership at a special price. 

Alumni are also eligible for complete access the Oasis every summer by purchasing an Oasis summer membership at a special price. 

Events Calendar

View the full events calendar here.

Video Library

Visit the Oasis Wellness Center's YouTube Channel to view recorded programs to help with mindfulness and stress management.


There are several resources on campus that provide mindfulness activities throughout the year for managers, staff, and faculty.  Select a link below to explore opportunities.

Institute for Community Health & Wellbeing

Mindfulness Mondays

LifeMatters - Your Employee Assistance Program provider

LifeMatters Mindfulness Series

Mindfulness in the workplace

Stress Management

There are a variety of resouces available to help managers deal with stress.


Using Guided Imagery to Manage Stress

Self Care for Stress

Physical Activity

There are several resources on campus that offer opportunities for managers, staff, and faculty to engage in physical activity/exercise.  Select a link below to learn more about each opportunity.

Associated Students

Bike Shop - Bike repairs

Outdoor Adventures - Including their Rentals Center

University Student Union

The Student Recreation Center

Aquatics - Campus pools

Intramural  Sports Program - For students, faculty, and staff 

Lunch Time Express Program- Lunchtime program for CSUN employees without an SRC membership

Kinesiology Department

Commit To Be Fit (CTBF) -A free fitness program for CSUN staff/faculty/students and community members. The program is led by CSUN Kinesiology students under the supervision of CSUN Kinesiology faculty.