HR News Updates | Intersession, January 2022

Click through each link below to learn about various resources and updates. We invite you to regularly visit the Human Resources webpage at for more information regarding other important updates.

Important Schedule, Booster, & Mask Updates for Employees

Always visit Matadors Forward for the most up-to-date information on semester scheduling, and COVID-19 vaccination, booster, testing, and mask updates.

Employee Schedules:

Per CSUN's announcement on January 7, CSUN will begin the spring semester with temporary primarily remote instruction for the first three weeks of the semester, Monday, January 24 through Friday, February 11. We will resume in-person instruction on Monday, February 14.

Rotations of on-campus staff and hybrid/remote work schedules will continue through February 14, 2022 in an effort to minimize contact between employees and ensure continuity of services. Large in-person meetings should be avoided and distancing should be maintained as much as possible.

Additionally, we all have a collective responsibility to conduct our work in a way that promotes personal health and safety, as well as that of co-workers and students. Please complete the self-screening survey, stay home if sick and/or exposed to COVID-19, wear masks indoors, and wash your hands regularly.

COVID-19 Vaccination Update:

Faculty, staff, and student employees are required to provide certification of full vaccination status, request a medical or religious exemption, or certify they are not physically coming to campus exemption as follows:

    • MPPs, Confidentials, UAPD (Unit 1) and UAW (Unit 11) represented employees, and Student Assistants – no later than September 30, 2021
    • CFA (Unit 3) and CSUEU (Units 2, 5, 7, 9) – no later than October 27, 2021
    • Teamsters (Unit 6) - no later than November 26, 2021
    • APC (Unit 4) - no later than December 22, 2021
    • SUPA (Unit 8) - no later than January 27, 2022

You may provide this self-certification or request an exemption through the myNorthridge Portal. Once logged into the portal, under the Policies and Procedures pagelet of the Faculty or Staff tab, select the EE Vaccine Self-Certification link and complete the form accordingly.

COVID-19 Booster Update:

As announced December 22, 2021, the CSU's policy on vaccine boosters and being fully immunized against SARS-CoV-2 is:

    • Non-Represented Employees & Students who are accessing university facilities or programs are required to receive a vaccine booster shot by February 4, 2022 or as soon thereafter as they are eligible according to CDC guidelines, whichever is later.
    • Represented Employees are encouraged to obtain the vaccine booster shot as soon as possible.  Labor unions are being contacted to schedule meet-and-confer sessions on this matter.

Mask Update:

All employees who are accessing university facilities or programs are required to wear a medical-grade mask (also called surgical masks or disposable face masks, with three layers) indoors.  If you need a medical-grade mask, please contact your Department COVID Coordinator.

 All employees have a collective responsibility to conduct their work in a manner which promotes their personal health and safety, as well as that of their co-workers and students. Remember, you are responsible for: 

  • completing CSUN’s on-line Return to Campus training module before performing any work on campus
  • completing the daily health screening survey each day working on campus
  • wearing a medical-grade mask (also called surgical masks or disposable face masks, with three layers) indoors
  • staying home if sick
  • participating in weekly COVID-19 testing if you have an approved medical or religious exemption
  • view Matadors Forward regularly for up-to-date health and safety, as well as planning information.

Review & Update Your Emergency Contact Information

The beginning of the New Year is a great time to review and update as necessary your contact and Emergcy Contact Information.

Log into the CSUN portal; on the Staff page, select the "Human Resources / Employee" pagelet, and select "Update My Personal Info". Here you can update your personal and emergrancy contact information.

Telecommute Program Update | APC

California State University, Northridge supports Telecommuting when the campus determines that telecommuting is operationally feasible and is in its best interest. 

Telecommuting is only feasible for those job duties that can be performed away from campus. In that regard, most telecommuting agreements are voluntary and can be implemented only in instances in which a Department’s Appropriate Administrator has determined that the nature of the job duties of a particular position can be performed successfully outside the traditional office setting without an undue impact on the University’s operations and educational mission. 

  • The Telecommute Program is currently available for CSUEU (Units 2, 5, 7, 9), UAPD (Unit 1), MPP, and Confidential employees
  • The Telecommute Program is available for APC (Unit 4) employees effective with the start of the Spring 2022 semester
  • A Telecommuting Agreement Form is not needed for student employees

To learn more about the Telcommute Program, review MOU's and or to access the CSUN Telecommuting Agreement, visit the CSUN Telecommute Program website.

Reminder: California Minimum Wage Increased to $15.00 | January 1

Effective January, 1, 2022, the California Minimum Wage increased to $15.00.  All active employees below the new minimum will be raised to $15.00.  These changes will be applied by Human Resources; no additional data entry or action by the department is required.

Please Note: If a department wants to provide an increase to a student employee's hourly rate outside of the minimum wage adjustment, vice presidential approval is required.

Systemwide HR Update | Out-of-State Employment

Effective January 1, 2022, hiring employees to perform CSU-related work outside of California is prohibited. Unfortunately, out-of-sate employment creates various legal and tax liabilities.

Memorandums of Understanding have been reached with CSUEU and CFA labor unions.  Additional unions have been notified of the CSU’s intention to implement this new policy with meeting dates being scheduled.

Reminders for Student Assistant Employment and Scheduling Breaks

As a reminder, CSU policy restricts student assistant work time. In addition, the Internal Revenue Service guidelines for student assistants to remain exempt from social security and Medicare deductions, limits their normal working hours to 20 during the school year. An exception is allowed during winter inter-session, spring break, and summer session.

When the academic semester starts, or ends, in the middle of a work week it is a “split” week.

The first day of the Spring 2021 semester is Wednesday, January 19th. The allowed hours for the week of 1/17/22 through 1/21/22 are:

  • Monday = 8 hours
  • Tuesday = 8 hours
  • Wednesday = 4 hours
  • Thursday = 4 hours
  • Friday = 4 hours
  • Total hours that can be worked in this “split” week scenario is 28 hours.

The following information is provided to assist you during this transitional period.

  • During the Academic Semester (please see CSUN campus academic calendar), Student Assistants may work up to, but not in excess of, 20 hours per week total in all positions combined.
  • When school is not in session due to semester breaks (outside of the academic semester), Student Assistants may work up to a maximum of 40 hours per week, but may not be scheduled to work overtime. Overtime is defined as more than 40 hours per week. A schedule may exceed 8 hours a day provided the total for the week does not exceed 40 hours. The Controller's Office will not issue payments to Student Assistants in excess of 168 hours for a 21-day period, nor in excess of 176 hours for a 22-day period.
  • For purposes of planning student employment, the start date of the Spring 2022 semester is Monday, January 24, 2022.
  • If a department wants to provide an increase to a student employee's hourly rate outside of the minimum wage adjustment (effective January 1, 2022), presidential approval is required.

For more information on student employment, view the CSUN Student Assistant/Federal Work-Study Compensation Plan.

Academic Personnel Hiring and Processing for Spring 2022

The following information is provided for staff members responsible for transacting the hiring and processing of academic personnel.

Spring 2022 Academic Personnel Hiring and Processing

The Spring 2022 Academic Personnel Hiring Memo is available here.

The hiring workshop is scheduled to take place Tuesday, January 11th from 9-10 AM for our Spring 2022 Webinar with Erick Cuevas!  You can access information and forms in the HR Toolkit / Academic Personnel here.

The Part Time Faculty module is updated and ready for Spring 2022 hiring.

Dates are:

    • Lecturers (2358) and Teaching Associates (2354)- Start 01/19/2022 and End 05/25/2022
    • Graduate Assistants (2355) – Start 02/01/2022 and End 06/30/2022

Part Time Faculty, Teaching Associate and Graduate Assistant Module entry deadlines:

    • Keying: Thursday, 01/27/2022
    • Approval: Friday, 01/28/2022

New Employee Sign-ins:

1. No later than the effective date of the appointment
2. Example: Lecturers who start effective 01/19/2022 must have signed in by that date
3. Sign-ins are conducted by appointment only. Please e-mail to schedule an appointment for any new faculty or student employee. Additionally, attach a copy of the New Employee Sign-In Form to your appointment request e-mail. This form is generally provided to you by the hiring department. You will receive a response from our HR Customer Service Team within 48 hours, Monday - Friday.

New or Returning to Campus this Spring? Following Safety Protocols and How to Report COVID-19 Cases

Return to Campus Training & Campus Safety Protocols

All employees returning to campus have a collective responsibility to conduct their work in a manner which promotes their personal health and safety, as well as that of their co-workers and students. You will be responsible for:

  • completing CSUN’s on-line Return to Campus training module before performing any work on campus
  • completing the daily Employee Health Screening Survey each day working on campus
  • staying home if sick
  • wearing a face covering indoors (including vehicles and carts on campus)
  • washing hands regularly
  • participating in weekly COVID-19 testing or selecting opt out option by self- certifying you are fully vaccinated in the MyNorthridge portal

Visit the Matadors Forward site for details and up to date information.

How to Report COVID-19 Cases or Potential Exposure

When reporting self or employee COVID-19 cases, the information will be provided to the Klotz Student Health Center for contact tracking, to Environmental Health and Safety for office sanitization and OSHA reporting, and to Human Resources for leave assistance.

Open Enrollment Changes

As a reminder, changes made during the annual Open Enrollment period were effective January 1, 2022.

Please check your January 1 pay warrant to ensure the correct deductions took place. If you find any discrepancies please contact your Benefits Analyst.

For last names beginning with A-K contact; and last names beginning with L-Z contact cathy.salazar@