HR Annual Reports

HR Team Photo

Human Resources has the unique privilege to touch the lives of all employees at California State University, Northridge - from recruiting and orientation to learning and development, career advancement, retirement, and all the steps in between.  We serve as campus partners providing resources, advice, and management of various topics and policies. We actively advance the mission and vision of the University and contribute to student success by supporting the more than 6,300 faculty, staff, administrators and student employees who play a vital role in the day-to-day operation of this world-class institution.  

A team of more than 40 strong, together we continue to create a more outstanding work environment for all employees. We work proactively to ensure our people practices are congruent with the University’s mission, vision, and culture.   We focus on employees for success by celebrating employee achievements, awards, and recognition along with work-life integration and wellness.

Every day, we strive to continue challenging our practices and policies to reflect an evolving community of supportive, successful individuals, all of whom are valuable members of the Matador community. Each year we summarize our actions and accomplishments in an Annual Report.  View our most recent Annual Report and see what we have been up to.  If you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions as to how we can challenge ourselves and improve our operation and role as campus partner in the future, please let us know.