Being A Strategic Partner

This year, the Office of Human Resources expanded our partnerships with students and other campus departments in an ongoing effort to support the creation and maintenance of an outstanding teaching and learning environment.  Examples include:

Recruitment Strategies

Recruitment Services became fully staffed in January 2016 with two Human Resource Analyst/Recruiters and Coordinators.  Each team of Analyst/Recruiter and Coordinator has a roster of the campus departments with whom they work.  As each team develops partnerships with the departments, we can ensure consistency throughout the recruitment process as we build our knowledge base of the unique challenges that departments may face. 

This fiscal year, we partnered with University Advancement to create a final template for promoting critical job opportunities.  This template includes information not only about the position, but emphasizes the attributes of the university and provides an attractive marketing tool that departments can use to actively recruit for their vacancies and to build their candidate pool.

Human Resources Staff Meeting Speaker Series

During 2015-2016, HR reached out to various divisional leaders/departments to come speak at the monthly HR staff meetings.  This is on-going initiative is intended to expand our knowledge of our campus partners. This year's participants represented: 

  • Campus Care Advocate Services 
  • Police Services 
  • Environmental Health and Safety 
  • Student Recreation Center 
  • Physical Plant Management 
  • Disability Resource & Education Services (DRES) 
  • Klotz Student Health Center 
  • Student Housing 
  • University Counseling Services

New Employee Welcome Orientation (NEWO)

The Office of Human Resources coordinated with Faculty Affairs, Faculty Development, and the California Faculty Association (CFA) to invite newly hired lecturers to attend special Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 NEWO's.  At the conclusion of each morning session which provided campus information to both new staff and lecturer employees, lecturers continued their day with lunch followed by an interactive presentation spearheaded by Faculty Development that focused on instructional information and resource related activities.   With a goal of providing timely and pertinent information for their success in the classroom as well as to develop a greater connection as part of the CSUN community, this is the first time lecturers were invited to participate in an onboarding process.

In addition, this fiscal year, the CSUN Institute for Sustainability was added to the speakers who present at NEWO each month.

LifeMatters Training

Training workshops available through LifeMatters were made available to departments to address specific needs. These included:

  • Respect in the Workplace for Managers 
  • Respect in the Workplace for Employees 
  • Participation in the Benefits & Wellness Fair 

Professional & Personal Development Program

HR partners with campus colleagues and departments to build a robust Professional and Personal Development Program that will engage, inspire, and equip employees to continue to be dynamic and contributing participants in the success of our students. Continuing with focusing on workshops that help build upon CSUN's Seven Priorities, the following is a snapshot of the number of workshops offered in each area.


Commitment to Student Success

As part of our commitment to student success, HR continued partnerships and outreach to obtain HR Interns, support student research projects, and participate in the career fair. 

We support student success by participating in student intern programs when possible by giving interns work experience in a professional setting. In Spring 2016, one intern from the English department was brought on board to assist in communications and professional development projects. We also hosted our first intern from the David Nazarian College of Business & Economics that same semester.  

In addition to having interns, HR supported student research projects connected with campus wellness programming.  A student from CSUN’s Masters of Social Work conducted an employee survey and evaluation of  the Personal Development Program as her Student Capstone Project. 

HR participated both in the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 Career Fairs in the Northridge Center and Grand Salon.  Recruitment Services assisted over 100 job seekers with questions regarding applying for employment at CSUN.  HR staff members provided resume input, feedback, and informed applicants of the numerous benefits of being a CSUN employee.      

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