Staff Directory

Important Phone Numbers

General information:(818) 677-2160
In case of emergency:(818) 677-2111

Administrative Services Contacts

  Name  Title  Phone
Carye VogtAssociate Director of Administrative Services, Interim(818) 677-6104
Jairo GaldamezBusiness Services Manager(818) 677-6107
Anya GoldbergMarketing and Communication Coordinator(818) 677-6526
DaVon HensonContracts and Allocations Coordinator(818) 677-6110
Marlyn SmithResident Account Assistant(818) 677-6108
Jared P BillupsCollections and Eligibility Assistant(818) 677-3005
VacantAdministrative Assistant for Business Services(818) 677-6109
Andrea PayesCustomer Service Assistant(818) 677-2160
VacantManager of Conference and Hospitality Services(818) 677-
Carrie DinglerConference and Guest Services Coordinator(818) 677-6106
Briana TaylorCOVID Administrative Assistant(818) 677-4079

Residential Life Contacts

  Name  Title  Phone
VacantAssociate Director - Residential Life(818) 677-6111
VacantAssistant Director for Residential Life(818) 677-4257
Roger Chapman-CusterInterim Manager for Residential Life(818) 677-4254
VacantResidential Life Administrative Assistant(818) 677-6116
VacantSenior Coordinator for Residential Student Success(818) 677-6115
VacantCoordinator for Residential Student Success(818) 677-6113
Maren JensenInterpreter(818) 677-6112
Courtney LotaneInterpreter(818) 677-6112
VacantGraduate Assistant for Residential Student Success(818) 677-4333
VacantSr. Community Director - Park North 
Zachary GhamlouchAssistant Community Director - Park North(818) 677-4256
VacantCommunity Director - Park South(818) 677-6120
VP#: (747) 202-6388
Am CoffeeCommunity Director - Park East(818) 677-6119
Airikah CottonAssistant Community Director - Park East(818) 677- 6118
Eduardo ArevaloCommunity Director - Park West(818) 677-8188
VacantSr. Community Director - Suites and Village Apartments(818) 677-8173
VacantAssistant Community Director - Suites North and Village Apartments(818) 677- 8081
Anaya GalvesAssistant Community Director - Suites South(818) 677- 6121

Maintenance, Custodial and Grounds Services Contacts

  Name  Title  Phone
Shane DaetwilerAssociate Director for Operations(818) 677-5311
Jonathan HidalgoAssistant Director(818) 677-6694
Barbara BesseAdministrative Assistant(818) 677-4961
Luis Ramirez ArveloLead Custodian(818) 677-3606
VacantFacilities Project Lead(818) 677-5169
Estevan MartinezLead Groundsworker(818) 677-5786
Luna CeballosMail Services Clerk(818) 677-2686
Joselin RomeroMail Services Clerk(818) 677-2686

Residential Computing Resources Contacts

  Name  Title  Phone
Keith BlaineManager of IT Projects & Technology Svcs(818) 677-6101
Karl DeAngeloWeb Technology Lead(818) 677-6102
Darsana PhilipInformation Technology Consultant(818) 677-6114

Judicial Services Contacts

  Name  Title  Phone
Zeina RamirezAssistant Dean of Students
Director of Student Conduct and Ethical Development
(818) 677-2391

Financial Services Contacts

  Name  Title  Phone
VacantFinancial Operations Analyst(818) 677-6150
VacantAssistant to the Director and HR Specialist(818) 677-6117
Ibrahima SakoAccounting Support Specialist(818) 677-3286

Directors Contacts

  Name  Title  Phone
Kevin ConnExecutive Director of Student Housing and Residential Life(818) 677-6105
Carye VogtAssociate Director of Administrative Services, Interim(818) 677-6104
VacantAssociate Director(818) 677-
Shane DaetwilerAssociate Director for Operations(818) 677-5311