Residential Life Staff

Roles and Responsibilities of Residential Life Staff

  • Associate Director for Residential Life
    • Responsible for overall supervision of the Residential Life office
  • Office Manager for Residential Life
    • Responsible for the daily operation of the Residential Life office
  • Assistant Director for Residential Life
    • Assists overall supervision of the Residential Life office, particularly with emergency response and disaster preparedness, persistence initiatives and leadership coordination. Supervises Community Directors.
  • Senior Coordinator for Residential Student Success
    • Coordinates all Student Success Initiatives in Student Housing including the Academic Mentor Program, tutoring services, Learning Communities, the GREAT Escape Early Move-In Program, the Residential Access Services Program, the Residential Interpreting Services Team, and works with the Coordinator for Residential Student Success in student leadership and engagement initiatives.
  • Coordinator for Residential Student Success
    • Coordinates large scale programs, campus partnerships, student engagement initiatives, as well as advises the Executive Board of the Residence Halls Association.
  • Senior Community Directors, Community Directors, Assistant Community Directors
    • The Community Staff supervise Resident Mentors, advise the Park Councils of each Park Community, facilitate room changes, follow up on safety and security issues and meet with students who have concerns that affect the development or maintenance of a desirable community.
  • Resident Mentors
    • Resident Mentors are the first line of student contact for room or campus concerns and assist students in their academic success.  They help students create goals to achieve academic success as it applies to each individual student. Parents - please contact the supervisory staff directly.

Park West (buildings 1-3) - Student Housing Offices - 211

Park North (buildings 4-8) - Student Housing Offices - 209

Park East (buildings 9, 10, 12 and 15) - Student Housing Offices - 213

Park South (buildings 11, 13 and 14) - Student Housing Offices - 214

Suites North (buildings 16 and 17) - Mariposa Hall (building 18) 104

Suites South (buildings 19, 20 and 21) - Mariposa Hall (building 18) 101

Apartments at University Village

Contact List
ResponsibilityNameEmail address
Assistant Director for Residential LifeJessica Fredjessica.fred@csun.edu
UVA Building BSkai Warrenskai.warren.571@my.csun.edu
UVA Building IYesenia Puenteyesenia.puente.235@my.csun.edu

Other Residential Life Staff - Student Housing Offices, 2nd Floor

Contact List
Melissa GilesAssociate Director for Residential Life(818) 677-6111
Jessica FredAssistant Director for Residential Life(818) 677-4257
Mathew SotoSenior Coordinator for Residential Student Success(818) 677-6115
Gerson LamCoordinator for Residential Student Success(818) 677-6113
Liberty FreemanOffice Manager for Residential Life(818) 677-2587