Residence Halls Association

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The Residence Halls Association (RHA) is an organization with the goal of promoting a healthy academic and social environment while serving as the student voice for concerns of the community in CSUN Student Housing. RHA provides engaging programs for students to get involved, and hosts regular community meetings to discuss concerns and suggestions.

RHA Executive Board

RHA Executive Board is the leadership team that manages all aspects of the association. These individuals are responsible for planning large events, collaborating with Park Council Directors to create strategies to remedy student concerns and manage administrative duties as assigned.

Christian Loza-Franco, RHA President

Christian Loza-Franco, RHA President 

Ethel Akaninwor, RHA Vice President

Ethel Akaninwor, RHA Vice President

Gina Lopez, RHA Recruitment & Marketing Manager

Gina Lopez, RHA Recruitment & Training Manager

Thanya Rugtae-Ngam, Social Media & Marketing Manager

Thanya Rugtae-Ngam, Social Media & Marketing Manager

Destiny Martinez, Finance Manager

Destiny Martinez, Finance Manager 

Ricardo Quintor, Programs Director

Ricardo Quintor, Programs Director

Anaya Galves, RHA Advisor

The best way to reach her is via email at rha@csun.edu.

Advocacy in Housing

RHA works to respond to concerns that students may have while living in CSUN Student housing. Our Park Council Directors engage with the communities they represent to voice concerns coming from other housing residents. RHA also has a platform for submitting anonymous or non-anonymous suggestions for housing leadership. To submit feedback, please visit the RHA Resident Feedback form at http://tinyurl.com/csunrhafeedback. Once this feedback is received, your Park Council Directors and Executive Board members will develop plans to respond to student concerns.

What is the RHA Fee?

This one-time annual fee is charged to all CSUN Student Housing residents and it is established to partially fund the Residence Halls Association (RHA). RHA is essentially your student governing board in housing that promotes student advocacy and plans engaging events for residents to enjoy.

Your $15.00 goes a long way! Not only do we plan the largest-scale events in Student Housing, but we also work to respond to resident concerns within the residential experience.

If you have further questions about this fee, please contact Residence Halls Association (RHA) at rha@csun.edu or (818)677-4910

If you are looking to opt out of the RHA Fee, please fill out the inquiry form at http://tinyurl.com/csunrhafee. Once you have completed the form, please allow 2 business days to process your request.

Upcoming Events

Spread the Love (February 13, 2023 - 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm): We are inviting all families at the University Village Apartments to join us in Spread the Love. There will be treats, music, food, crafts and fun! We can't wait to see you there. If you have any questions please contact rha@csun.edu


RHA-lentines Day (February 14, 2023 - 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm): Are you free on the 14th? So are we. Come and enjoy RHA-lentines with your RHA team.  We invite you to a night of craft making, painting, music, and fun. There will be refreshments and snacks.


Open Meeting (February 21, 2023 - 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm): We invite you to participate in the event planning process of future events with RHA. Come prepared with creativity, ideas, and more! 

Apply for RHA Executive Board

Please see the position description for the RHA Executive Board Positions

For any questions or concerns, contact us at rha@csun.edu

Social Media

Follow us on all of the following social media accounts for further updates about RHA

Park Council Directors

What is a PCD?

Park Council Directors (PCDs) are RHA members and selected leaders for each of the residential communities (Park North, Park South, Park East, Park West, Suites North, Suites South, and the University Village Apartments). Park Council Directors act as liaisons between the residential community, and the Student Housing staff. They meet weekly with the Residence Halls Association (RHA) executive board to discuss program and student concerns. If you are interested in getting involved as a Park Council Director, please email recruitment.trainingrha@gmail.com or rha@csun.edu

Park Council Director Flyer

Application : https://tinyurl.com/rhapcdcsun

Questions? Contact rha@csun.edu for more information

Past Event Highlights

Block Party

Block Party

RHA welcomes all our residents to our housing community and to experience first hand who and what RHA is all about. This event is also an opportunity for our residents to engage with campus clubs and organizations while enjoying fun activities that RHA has brought to housing. This includes vendors such as airbrushed tattoos, a tie-dye station, and fun foods to eat.

Welcome Week

Welcome Week

Welcome week is a series of events throughout the first week to provide all our residents with a fun welcoming to the new school year. As RHA, provides a space to make all our residents feel welcomed here at CSUN we wanted to bring the community together to show that Cal State Northridge will be their home away from home. In addition, this event gave students the opportunity to show our residents that living in housing can be enjoyable.



cRHAm gave students the opportunity to relief some stress as we all prepared for finals. RHA provided students with free supplies to prepare you for finals from scantrons, to pencils, to highlighters and flashcards.





 A music and arts festival for students who are interested in showcasing their talents during performance hours. Students will also enjoyed a various of activities from roller skating to henna followed with fun foods such as funnel cakes

Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West

At our Wild West event, RHA planned a milking cow contest, pie eating contest, while enjoying delicious Western style barbecue. Students were able to take a ride on the mechanical bull or enjoyed petting animals in our petting zoo.

Spread the Love

Love is in the air and so is RHA! Students joined RHA as they indulged in making a gram for their friends or loved ones. Students were able to join University Counseling Services and enjoy our mock weddings all while enjoying delicious and chocolatey treats and heart shaped pizza.