How to Apply

We look forward to receiving your application for Student Housing at California State University, Northridge. In the sections below, you will find important information on housing contracts, the waitlist and a step-by-step guideline for submitting your application. If you're a student with dependents, children, spouse or partner, visit the Family Housing page for specific information and application process for family housing.

We are excited to welcome you on move-in day!

Student Housing Contract

Academic year

Housing space is limited and fills up fast, so you are encouraged to apply early. Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. A waitlist will be established for applications received after all housing spaces are filled. Offers will be made to students on the waitlist as space becomes available. Student Housing does not offer a contract for the fall semester only. 

Spring only

Depending on the demand for housing and the number of cancellations we receive during the fall semester, the waitlist of students who wanted housing in the fall semester may continue into the spring semester. We maintain only one waitlist and students who apply for spring only will be added to this waitlist. Cancellations do occur at the end of the fall semester, but the frequency of the cancellations changes from year to year, and we cannot anticipate how many bed spaces will be available to students on the waitlist.

Since we rely on cancellations to create open spaces for students who wish to live in Student Housing for the spring only, we cannot guarantee room type preferences. We make every attempt to place students in their preferred room-type or living learning community. However, we will not guarantee placement. Unfortunately, spring-only students cannot choose their rooms and students who are offered a space will not learn where they will be placed until they move in. Room swaps are available after the second week of classes.

The Waiting List for Apartments and Suites at University Park

Students who submit an academic year license agreement and initial deposit after all available bed spaces have been filled will go on a waitlist. Students can log on the Student Housing Portal to check the status of their waitlist number. Students are assigned to the waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. Your likelihood of being offered a space depends on your waitlist number and the number of cancellations. The Student Housing office receives cancellations throughout the summer and fall semester, and waitlist numbers will change. Students who move in Student Housing eight or more days after the start of a semester will only be charged for the actual number of days remaining in the contract period.

Spring-only students go on the waitlist after students who applied for housing in the fall. We will notify spring only students of their status in December. Traditionally, all students who apply for spring only receive bed spaces by the second week of spring semester classes.

We understand being on the waitlist can be frustrating, but we assure you every effort is made to update the waitlist daily and offer as many students housing as possible.

Please note our goal is to fill every bed. Once we have an open space, we will contact a student from the waitlist and offer that person housing. We make every effort to contact students with email as our primary method of contact.

Steps to Apply for Student Housing

The Student Housing application begins with an online process. Students not able to access a computer to complete the application should contact the Student Housing office for assistance.

You will be asked to log in to the Student Housing Portal using your myNorthridge Portal username and password. You will be directed to select the application period you are interested in applying for. 

Steps to apply for Student Housing
The Student Housing contracting process begins with an on-line application. Students not able to access a computer to complete the application should contact the Student Housing office for assistance.

You will be asked to log into the Student Housing Portal using your myNorthridge username and password. You will then be directed to select the application period you are interested in applying for.  Selecting the 2018-2019 Academic Year application will get you into the correct application.  Here are the steps you will take to complete the process.

Step 1: Contact Data
You will be asked to input your contact information as well as contact information for someone you choose as an emergency contact person.

Step 2: Application Data
You will be asked to indicate your academic major and class standing.  In addition you will have an opportunity to let us know if you will need a unit with hard of hearing equipment and/or a wheelchair accessible unit.  You will also be asked to indicate yes or no in response to whether or not you are currently a ward of the court or foster youth.  The last section of Step 2 will ask you to read information about the Meningococcal Vaccine and answer one of the three questions at the bottom of the page.

Helpful Notes:

  • First-time freshmen are classified as individuals that have not taken any college courses; if you took high School AP classes you are still considered a First-time Freshman.
  • The reason you are asked to disclose your ward of court/foster youth status is because if you qualify in that category you are able to request an extension for submitting the housing application initial payment to give you time to request funds through your social services agency. 

Step 3: Living Learning Communities and Themed Learning Communities
Student Housing offers a variety of Living Learning Communities (LLC) & Themed Living Communities (TLC) to choose from. LLCs and TLCs are located in The Apartments, with the exception of the First Year Experience, and the all women’s floor, which are located in The Suites.  Additional room type details are listed in the LLC and TLC descriptions.

Helpful Notes:

  • All LLC and TLC units within The Apartments have kitchens, and do not require purchasing a meal plan. The Suites do not have kitchens so participants in the First Year Experience LLC and all women’s floor TLC will be required to purchase a meal plan.
  • If you don’t want to live in an LLC or TLC you can decline that option at the bottom of the Step 3 page.

Step 4: Room Type
Considering your choices in Step 3 along with what room types are currently open you will be presented with the room type(s) available for you to choose.

Helpful Notes:

  • If you selected a LLC/TLC in Step 3 you will only be given an option to select the room type designated for that LLC/TLC.  If the room type required for your LLC/TLC is no longer open you will default to a non-LLC/TLC space.
  • The Suites are designed specifically for first-time freshman, so you will not see this as an option if you are not a first-time freshman.
  • Only room types currently open will be available for you to choose.  If a specific room type is full it will not show as an option.  You may contact the Student Housing office to request consideration to be placed on a standby list for a specific room type if it is not available during the application process.  There is no guarantee that you will be offered your preferred space.  We recommend that you accept the available room type to ensure that you have housing and then work with our staff to be placed on the standby list.

  Step 5: Meal Plan

This step outlines the variety of meal plan options available to you and asks that you make a meal plan selection for each room type preference selected in Step 4.

 Helpful Notes:

  • Meal plans are required if you will be living in a unit with no kitchen.
  • Optional meal plans are available if you live in a unit with a kitchen but don’t think you will be doing much cooking.
  • Residential meal plans are managed by The University Corporation.  All questions and concerns regarding meal plan options should be directed to the Residential Meal Plan office at mealplan@csun.edu or (818) 677-2655.

 Step 6: Profile Sharing
A series of questions have been developed to assist you in sharing information about yourself with potential roommates and to learn a bit about them as well.  You will be given a choice either to share, or not share, your answers and your contact information with potential roommates.  You are encouraged to share your profile information because the room assignment process is designed so you are self-selecting your bedspace.  It will be easier to identify if you are compatible with your roommate if you are able to see each others profile information. 

 Helpful Notes:

  • Room selection dates will be determined by the end of May 2016.  Notifications will be emailed to all confirmed residents.
  • If you do not self-select a bedspace during the designated room selection period you will be administratively placed in the next available bedspace.
  • Profile information will not be taken into consideration for administrative placements. 

Step 7: Verify
This step is an opportunity to verify all the options you selected before you press the submit button. Rates and fees for housing are outlined here based on the preferences you selected.  If you are 18 years of age or older you will be asked to read and then electronically agree to the terms and conditions of the License Agreement.  Students that are under the age of 18 will be instructed about signing the license agreement in Step 8.

Step 8: Payment
An on-line payment system will direct you through the process of paying your initial payment for Student Housing, and for your Meal Plan if applicable. The system will accept credit cards as well as checking and savings account payments.  For those of you that signed electronically in Step 7 your application process is complete. 


If you are under the age of 18 you will be directed back to a page that gives you access to print your license agreement documents for both Student Housing and Meal Plan contracts.  The last thing you need to do in order to complete your application is to print, read, sign (and have your parent or guardian sign), and mail in your license agreement paperwork.  Your Student Housing license agreement paperwork should be mailed to Student Housing, 17950 Lassen Street, Northridge, CA 91325. The documents for your Meal Plan contract should be mailed to The University Corporation, ATTN: Meal Plan Office, 18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge, CA 91330-8309.

Helpful Notes:

  • Ward of Court / Foster Youth students should contact the Student Housing office at (818) 677-2160 to complete the payment process if payment will be coming from a social services agency.
  • Notifications regarding your housing will be sent to you via email.  You can view all of the emails housing sends to you by clicking on the EMAIL button on your Student Housing Portal.
  • The license agreement you sign and submit, either with an electronic signature or ink on paper, is a legal document.  Please make sure to read through the details before signing it.  Once you have been confirmed for a space to live in Student Housing your license agreement will be countersigned and a scanned copy will be available to you when you log into your Student Housing portal.

Choosing your Room
Students will be instructed, via email, to log on to the Student Housing web site and actually select the specific building, apartment and bedroom where you will live. Once you choose your room, you will be able to view your roommate and apartment-mate’s information. This newly created enhancement allows students to communicate with their prospective roommates over the summer, decide if that apartment and roommates are the best choice, and make changes if necessary.

Remember, if a student does not allow Student Housing permission to release their information, no personal info will be listed. The Student Housing office cannot release any student’s personal information unless authorized.