Housing Mail Services

Our mission at California State University Northridge is to provide quality mail services to our campus community.  We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service, along with efficient mail processing procedures to ensure proper handling of printed and packaged materials.

Mail Services Office Hours & Contact Information:

Student Housing Mailroom Office

The Mail Services Office is located in Pinon Hall, Building 9
Phone: 818-677-2686
Email: housingmail@csun.edu

We are open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday; we are CLOSED weekends
Hours may vary during holiday seasons
The Mail Services Office is closed on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Juneteenth
  • Labor Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Independence Day

Mailing Address:

If you are living in the Residence Halls (UPA) and the University Village (UVA) use the address below for mail and packages.

(Your Full Name – First Name and Last Name)
17950 Lassen St. Box #_________
Northridge, CA. 91325


Mail and Package Address Procedures:

Mail and packages must be addressed to you using your legal name as it is indicated on your housing application.  No abbreviations or nicknames.  If you have multiple last names, they must ALL be included on the mailing label.


Perishable Packages Are NOT Accepted

Perishable Package

Deliveries of perishable items from grocery stores, restaurants, or other food delivery services or florists CANNOT be received and distributed through the Mail Services Office. You must meet deliveries of perishable items or flowers at the front door of your building.


Notifications When You Receive a Package:

Email notifications are sent to your CSUN email when a package arrives addressed to you.  A valid picture ID is required to pick up your package. You must physically bring the accepted ID with you and present it to the Mail Services Office staff in order to pick up your package. We accept the following forms of ID:

CSUN ID Sample
  • CSUN Student ID
  • Driver’s License
  • State ID
  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • CSUN Meal Plan ID
  • CSUN MataCard


Package Release Authorization Instructions:

If You Can’t Pick Up Your Package…you must do the following:

  • The student receiving the package must send an email or fax to the Mail Services Office staff authorizing a second party to claim the package.
  • Since email notifications are sent from Student Housing that state you have a package for pickup, do NOT hit reply to the email. You must email your authorization information to .
  •  In the email include:
    • Your name, the tracking number, AND the full name of the person you would like to pick up your package for you.
    • Mail Services Office email is: housingmail@csun.edu


Mail Box Locations:

For students living in the apartments/suites at University Park Apartments, mailboxes are located outside Pinon Hall (Building 9) and Heather Hall (Building 13).  For residents living in the University Village Apartments, you are assigned a mailbox with a key. The mailboxes are located in Building L. Check your Student Housing Portal to find out which mailbox and building you are assigned to.


Locating Your Mailbox Number and Combination:

To locate your mailbox number and combination using a desktop computer follow these steps.

  • Log into the Student Housing Portal
  • In the top right corner click on your name
  • Select my profile
  • Scroll down and select “Campus” from drop down menu and hit submit

To locate your mailbox number and combination using a smart phone follow these steps.

  • Log into the Student Housing Portal
  • Click menu
  • Click your name
  • Click on “My Profile”
  • Scroll down and select “Campus” from the drop down menu and hit submit

REMINDER: Check your mailbox regularly.  If your mailbox is full for more than 15 days, your mail will be returned to the sender.


Mailbox Combination Instructions:

  • Turn left at least 4 times - pass zero and stop at the first number
  • Turn right one full turn – pass first number and stop on second number
  • Turn left and stop at last number
  • Turn right (like door knob) and pull out to open box
  • After closing, turn left to reset


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What time does mail arrive from the Post Office and other delivery companies?
A:  We pick up mail from the Post Office at 10:00 a.m. Monday thru Friday. UPS, FedEx, Amazon and the other delivery services do not a set time upon which the deliver packages.

Q:  How will I know the Mail Services Office has received a package in my name for me to pick up?
A:  If the Mail Services Office receives a package addressed to you, you will receive a package notification email telling you it has arrived and is ready for pickup. Do NOT go to the Mail Services Office when you receive a confirmation delivery email from the vendor (Amazon, UPS, FedEx, etc.) WAIT until you receive the CSUN Student Housing – You Have a Package email.

Q:  What time are package notifications sent out?
A:  After 2:00 p.m.

Q:  What time is mail delivered to the mailboxes?
A:  After 2:00 p.m.

Q:  If I move out will my mail be forwarded to my new address.
A:  Yes, if you provide us with a valid forwarding address we will forward your mail for 1 year. Please note we can only forward letter mail.

Q:  Can I send out mail through your office?
A:  Yes, we have outgoing mailboxes located in Pinon Hall (Building 9) and Heather Hall (Building 13)

Q:  Can I ship packages via UPS, FedEx etc.
A:  Yes you can, but you will need to go onto their website first and then print out a shipping label. After you have done that bring the package to us and we will give it to the appropriate shipping company.