Fall 2020

Our goal at CSUN is to provide a safe and healthy residential experience where students can focus on their academic success, while also ensuring that necessary protocols are in place to help ensure the health and safety of all present within the housing environment and minimize the spread of Covid-19. CSUN’s Facilities Management and Environmental Health & Safety staff are closely collaborating with the Student Housing team to ensure protocols are in place to support these goals.

For the Fall 2020 semester, CSUN Student Housing will be offering a limited number of bed spaces in the Fall, just under half of our typical occupancy. Adaptations to physical layouts and uses of rooms and common spaces have been implemented to support the ability of CSUN Housing residents to maintain appropriate physical distancing and to observe CDC recommended cleaning and disinfecting practices. Additional specific protocols will be in place, including: a staggered six-day move-in process; no guests/visitors policy; and a safety plan for residents that includes COVID testing, daily self-screening and contact tracing.

The information provided below is intended to give you an overview of the Student Housing environment given the considerable changes that have been made to help ensure the safety and well-being of all our residents and staff. 

We would like to ask you to fully discuss your options with family, friends, and other trusted mentors and loved ones as you consider living on-campus during Fall 2020. Living in circumstances where physical distancing is emphasized can be stressful and you should carefully consider if this arrangement in housing is suited to you and your wellbeing. The Student Housing team is ready to welcome our student residents for Fall 2020 – and we want you to be equally prepared for success this coming semester!

Please note, the Student Housing Office is currently in the process of communicating with all students who had completed a Fall 2020 housing earlier this year regarding the status of their application for the Fall. A waitlist is currently available at for those who wish to be considered for a housing assignment should space remain available. Please contact our office at (818) 677-2160 or via email at housing@csun.edu should you have any questions. Additional information about housing can be found at https://www.csun.edu/housing.

Physical Distancing Housing Options for Fall 2020

University Park Apartments

Two people will be assigned to one two-bedroom apartment, with one student per bedroom, sharing bathroom and kitchen (if applicable).  Meal Plans will be required in units without kitchens. Meal Plans are not required in units with kitchens but are highly recommended in order to limit need to go off campus. 

University Park Suites

One person will be assigned to one bedroom and will have sole access to a bathroom.  Meal Plans will be required. University Suites are typically designated for first-time freshman only, however will be assigned to students in all class standings if living in non-shared space is requested.

University Village Family Housing

Families will be assigned to one and two bedroom apartments based on occupancy eligibility requirements found at https://www.csun.edu/housing/family-housing

CSUN Dining & Meal Plans

CSUN Dining will be open and will include Geronimo’s Dining Hall and the Matador Mercado convenience store in housing.  Please see https://www.csun.edu/csundining/mealplan for more information.

Resident Safety and Screening

Providing a safe and welcoming housing environment conducive to student health, wellbeing, and academic success is a top priority. Health and safety guidelines to help stop the spread of Covid-19 will be strictly enforced, including no-guest/visitor policies, physical distancing requirements, maximum occupancy protocols for common areas, isolation protocols for those who may have been exposed to the virus, and personal hygiene reminders such as handwashing and use of hand sanitizers

All residents will be required to take their temperature, preferably in the morning, self-monitor for COVID related symptoms, and complete a screening survey for COVID risks before leaving their room in the morning. If any of the survey answers are “yes” they are required to stay in their room and follow the directions provided, including calling the Klotz Student Health Center. Printed how-to guides will be placed in each unit and a video will be created to provide a visual guide for residents on proper screening. If a resident becomes ill with COVID-19, they will be asked to quarantine, and the Klotz Student Health Center will be informed to provide care, testing, or referral for the student as medically appropriate.

Next Steps for Contracted and Waitlisted Students

Contracted Students

All currently contracted students will receive an email indicating next steps for Fall 2020 housing based on our evaluation of your status within the following tier system.  Information from your current application will be used so there is no need for you to provide us with information in this regard. 

  • Tier One – Current and incoming first-time students (both freshman and transfers) who have contracted for Fall 2020 housing and are considered as having a high need for housing, including former foster youth, homeless veterans, international and domestic non-resident students, and deaf and hard-of-hearing students.
  • Tier Two – All other returning students who are currently contracted for Fall 2020 housing.
  • Tier Three – First-time freshman and first-time transfer students who are currently contracted for Fall 2020 housing.

Please note, our rationale for these tiers has been very carefully considered, with your safety and with the unique needs of certain student groups being our highest priorities. If you have any questions regarding how your standing within the tiers was determined, or additional considerations that you feel should be considered (e.g. lack of secure off-campus housing), please contact our office at (818) 677-2160 or via email at housing@csun.edu  so that we can assist you directly.

Waitlisted Students

Student currently on our waitlist for Fall 2020 housing will receive an email indicating next steps after currently contracted students have been offered spaces.  We cannot confirm a timeline for next step information and offers of housing to be sent to waitlisted students.  Please know we are working as quickly and as diligently as possible to confirm students for the Fall.  Your patience is appreciated.

Opting Out of Fall Housing and Transferring Application to Spring Only

Contracted students can choose to opt out of housing for Fall 2020 and request their application be transferred to a waitlist for Spring 2021.  Select the 2020-2021 application period in your Student Housing Portal and go to the ‘forms’ section to select this choice.  Application fees will be transferred to Spring 2020.  The process to cancel your contract and receive a refund of your $50.00 application fee will remain available through the Spring semester.  For information about deferring your meal plan, please go to https://www.csun.edu/csundining/mealplan.

Cancelling Contract / Waitlist for the 2020/2021 Academic Year

Opting out of housing for the year is also an option. You can do this by cancelling your application now through your Student Housing Portal by selecting the 2020-2021 application period and go to the ‘forms’ section. This will allow you to receive a refund of your $50.00 application fee. If, after you cancel your contract, you decide that you’d like to live with us for Spring 2021 you will have to re-apply and pay the $50.00 application fee. For information about canceling your meal plan, please go to https://www.csun.edu/csundining/mealplan.