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What you can find at the HERE Center

Here are some of our projects we are currently working on with our community partners. If you are interested in being a part of these projects, we will gladly connect you with them.


Community Conversations

  • A virtual community gathering where community members and academic researchers come together and talk about local health issues in the neighborhoods.
  • Aims to listen to community concerns, promote awareness about local issues, build trust and community engagement in research.
  • A collaborative project with Visión y Compromiso promotoras.

If you would like to learn more, please contact

pregnant African American woman holding her stomach

San Fernando Valley African American and Infant Maternal Mortality (SFV AAIMM)

A joint effort with the SFV Department of Public Health (DPH), El Proyecto del Barrio, First5LA, and the Valley Care Community Consortium (VCCC) that aims to address racial inequities that affect the health of Black moms and babies.

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Health & Hazards Project

  • A visual resource for you as well as local healthcare providers, policy-makers, researchers, and activists to determine health hazards and toxic exposure in your SFV neighborhood.
  • Students, faculty researchers, and community members are welcome to add their input and expertise to the project.
  • A collaborative project with Breathe LA, Food and Water Watch, One Degree, and Valley Care Community Consortium (VCCC).
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Ethics in Community based Research Training Program

  • A training program that provides researchers with models for considering each aspect of their research for research ethics.
  • Integrates inclusion in community and research-based initiatives that are linked research interests.
  • A collaborative program with Visión y Compromiso.
  • Includes collaboration and support with other HERE Center and BUILD PODER researchers.

cohort 2 and 3 event flyer

Southeast Asians in the U.S.: Health Equity And Research to Understand COVID-19 Stories (SEA US HEAR US)

  • A community-based research project aims to understand and address multi-level social, ethical, and behavioral implications of COVID-19 testing, vaccination, and its sequelae among Cambodian, Filipino, Thai, and Vietnamese Americans in the Greater LA area.
  • A collaborative project with non-profit community-based organizations, Cal State Los Angeles, and other academic and health organizations in the surrounding area.
cohort 2 and 3 event flyer

The Equitable Housing Research Project

  • A community-partnered research collaboration between the Critical Analytics for the Social Science of Inequitable Ecosystems (CASSIE) Labs and LA Family Housing (LAFH).
  • Examines the effectiveness of housing and supportive services through the implementation of rigorous critical social scientific research.
  • Investigates trauma- and stigma-related factors associated with houselessness