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Team Feature Articles

At the HERE Center, we bring together people from different disciplines to work on addressing health disparities in the San Fernando Valley. To learn more about a team member, click on one of the articles below.

Team Feature Articles: Carrie Saetermoe, PhD

June 25, 2021

Carrie Saetermoe

Saetermoe currently serves as the executive director of the HERE Center and a principal investigator of BUILD PODER. Her primary expertiselies in psychology, as she received her bachelor’s and master’s in psychology and her doctorate degree in developmental psychology and health psychology. Read More about Carrie Saetermoe

Team Feature Articles: Josey Vargas, PhD

June 16, 2021

Jose Vargas

From the beginning of his academic career, Jose Hugo Vargas has always been interested in psychology thanks to his mentors’ influence. Specializing in psychology and education, Vargas has always advocated for social justice, particularly for students. Read More About Josey Vargas

Team Feature Articles: Veronica Villasenor

June 1, 2021

Veronica rodriguez profile

As a STEM transfer student, Veronica Villasenor faced the ordeal of transferring alone from her community college in Central California to Los Angeles. After garnering experience and expanding her network, she managed to establish the START Office, a resource center for transfer students. Read more

Team Feature Articles: Patty Kwan, PhD

May 25, 2021

patty Kwan profile

Patchareeya “Patty” Kwan grew up in the 80s-era San Fernando Valley like many immigrant children didnavigating through unknown terrain and serving as an impromptu translator for their parents. When it came to medical matters, she acted as their bridge to information despite not being a medical professional. Read more about Patty Kwan