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Assessing Latinas' Physical Activity

February 28, 2022

Our purpose is to find better ways to measure physical activity for Latinas, whose daily routine includes many types of housework, childcare and recreational activities.

QUALIFICATIONS: You qualify to participate if you:

  • Identify as Latina
  • Have a young child that you live with AND
  • Live in the San Fernando Valley


Complete these homework assignments to prepare for the charla:

  1. Fill out a survey
  2. Watch a 20-minute video
  3. Keep a log of your physical activities for one week
  4. Participate in a virtual interview 

If you qualify and are interested in participating, please register here.

If you need help registering, contact Veronica Arciga at or (323) 407-4816.
If you have additional questions about the charla, contact


View Assessing Latinas' Physical Activity Flyer